How to Research Good Domain Names for Domain Flipping Business

I made available a post on how to turn domain names into Naira. In the concluding section, I made a promise to show you how to research good domain names for domain flipping business. The truth is, this is the most important part of the business. As it is for all business, market research is so essential and that is what you are about to know in this post. So also is name research. You would want to choose a name that is captivating and which is also available for you. This means the names must not have been registered before.


To research good domain names that will help you make money online from domain flipping business, you need to follow the steps below to start making massive profits from domain name business.

Step 1. Go to Google Trends and Google Insights and search for words related to your expertise or niche.

Step 2. Check out the hot topics since the last 6 or 12 months

Step 3. Use Google Adwords Tool to search for the hot topics and take note of the long tail keywords i.e. words that have 3 to 4 words in them.

Step 4. Search on Google for the keywords generated from the Google Adwords Tool

Step 5. Take note of the 1st 10 or 20 results displayed on Google and look through if there is a domain name related to the keyword generated on step 4 above.

Step 6. If there is a domain name already, try another keyword generated on step 4. If there is not, go register the domain name with Hostgator or Web4Africa. I use both

I have carried out the steps above and I got good domain names. For example, I went to Google Trends and Google Insights and searched for “Online Business” within the last 12 months, for all regions and all categories. I got various topics in the last 12 months e.g. “free online business”, “the online business”, “business banking online”, “business cards”, “online business school”, “best online business” etc as top searches.

I later used Google Adwords Tool to search for one of them and I got long tail keywords with high global monthly searches such as “best new online business opportunity”, “start your own internet business”, “legitimate home business opportunities”, “online business center” etc . I went to Google to search for one of this long tail keyword to see if their is a domain name already. Good for me, I found out that the keyword as been registered as a domain name. To register the same keyword, I added ‘ng’ as a suffix and got it registered.

You too can do the same. If you need further clarification, feel free to ask using the comment box provided below. I will reply you as soon as possible or I use your question as the topic for another post.


Originally posted 2013-01-12 20:00:39.