GetResponse Launches Responsive Email Marketing Design

Want to reach 42% more readers? How about 34% more sales? Here’s the key: responsive email marketing design. GetResponse is pleased to announce that all your GetResponse emails will become truly responsive. This means they will look great no matter if your subscribers open them on desktop or mobile devices.

“Mobile” and “responsive design” are buzz words I’m sure you all know. But there’s a reason for that – more and more people open their emails on smartphones and – even more important – more and more will delete them (even 42%*!) if they don’t display correctly. And yet, true responsive email marketing design hasn’t been offered by any email marketing platform except GetResponse – until now (well, about a week from now).

The numbers are clear (although they vary from source to source):

- 41% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. (GetResponse study – August 2013)
- 34% consumers have made a purchase using their mobile phone. (IDC Financial Insights 2012)
- Yet only 25% of marketers optimize their email for mobile devices. (Email Marketing Census 2013 – eConsultancy)

The numbers go on and on. The one indisputable fact is: people read emails on the go, wherever they are, and email marketers need to keep up. After all, you don’t want them deleting your emails, do you? Well, don’t worry, GetResponse got you covered. GetResponse has been working hard in past weeks to give you something no one else can give you — an easy way to make ALL your emails inside GetResponse look great on mobile phones. Automatically.

Seriously – you won’t have to do a thing (well, except create your newsletters just as you would normally). And we’ll turn them into responsive email designs just like that. If you are not using GetResponse for your email marketing yet, This is the right time for you to start and make use of the Responsive Email Design from GetResponse.

To create your first Responsive Email, simply go to your GetResponse account, create a new email inside Email Creator and turn on Mobile Preview to see the results.


Originally posted 2013-09-12 21:00:01.