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13 Effective Ways to Retain Visitors to Your Business Blog

It’s one thing to keep getting new visitors to your blog, it’s another thing to keep them coming back for more. However, making them subscribe to your blog might not help in retaining visitors to your blog. Some of them might subscribe to your blog or become part of your blog’s social media profiles but that does not mean they’ll come back for more on your blog. In this post, you’ll get to know what you need to do effectively to retain visitors to your blog consistently.

You know content marketing works. With it, you can reach millions of visitors on a monthly basis. But having a business blog to your isn’t enough. If you don’t do it for the right reasons, it won’t help you win your visitors over.

1. Blog to help, not to sell – most people blog to gain visitors and to convert them into customers. People are smart, and they’ll see right through that. Blog to help educate your visitors. Eventually, they’ll want to give you money without you even asking for it.

2. Give away guides – one of the most powerful forms of marketing is free guides. These are guides with 30,000 to 40,000 words long, and which looks beautiful. The guides will become popular over the internet if they contain everything you know about what the guide is about. You should give it out for free.

3. Care about your readers – respond to every comment on your blog? Replying to every comment helps you build a powerful connection with your readers, who become loyal visitors and even customers.

4. Know your audience – the big mistake I see most bloggers make is that they don’t truly know their audiences. Knowing your audience will help you focus most of my blog posts on articles that will benefit them. A simple way to get to know your audience is to survey it through Qualaroo.

5. Be passionate about blogging – if you don’t love what you write about, your readers will be able to tell. Your content won’t be great, and very few people will want to read it. Find your passion before you start blogging.

6. Focus on headlines – no matter how good or bad your blog posts are, no one will read them if your headlines suck. Focus on creating magnetic headlines.

7. Back your opinions with stats – people want to hear what you think, which is why they are reading your blog. Having stats to back up your opinions is a great way to generate more traffic. Every time I write a post with stats, it generates more comments than a post without any stats.

8. Be consistent – The most important element of blogging is consistency. The moment you drop the ball is the moment your traffic will dip.

9. Don’t try to sound smart – using technical jargon may sound cool, but it will make it difficult for most people to understand your message. And if they don’t understand you, they’ll stop reading.

10. Be yourself – the cool part about blogging is that your personality can shine through the posts. Be yourself, and be congruent with who you are.

11. Focus on quality, not quantity – don’t let your ego get in the way. It’s not about how many subscribers you have. It’s about how many engaged engaged you have. Focus on building a relevant audience as this will drive you more traffic.

12. Commit to a publishing schedule – if you want to engage daily, then great – stick with that schedule. If you only have time to post once a week, that’s all right too – then stick with once a week. Just make sure your blog posts are useful, and you are consistent.

13. Be genuine – one of the best ways to retain visitors is to be genuine. A lot of people get carried away with optimization. They make false promises and use dubious things like fake testimonials. Although this will make you more money in the short run, in the long run, you’ll burn your brand and lose money.



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