The Right Types of Customers to Target for Your Online Business

If you are really trying to start an online business that can be run in as little time as possible while making a full time income then you NEED to have the right type of customers. In this post, I would show you the right types of customers to target for your online business.

There are customers that will haggle with you all day long, customers that will complain about everything because they feel entitled and customers that will call you for daily updates. On the other hand there are customers who will place their order online, wait for it be received and then who will send you a thank you email. Those are the only types of customers you should be willing to do business with.

There are thousands and thousands of customers that you can target online but for the purpose of this, I am going to simplify everything and break it down into three extremely broad categories.

The Upper Middle Class

These are the kind of people you should want as your customers. They are online shoppers who have big a household income. Look to sell to single people or families with disposable income who are used to shopping online and comfortable making large purchases over the internet.

The Wealthy

You should also target this types of customers. While luxury items that appeal to the wealthy do sell well online, they require much more pre-selling and personalized attention to each customer in order to convert them into a buyer.

If you would be targeting this types of customers, you will need to have something good to offer for an exchange of their money. They really wealthy don’t just spend anyhow. They are financially intelligent and your business must really be what they need.

The Lower Class

If you are selling to the lower class, you would be selling the lowest priced products within a niche. There are a lot of low-end products you can sell to this class of people and still make good returns from your online business.

To do this, you will need to continually sell low priced products consistently. Based on my experience, low income household products require much more interaction with the customers and many more complaints and returns. Complaints and returns = headaches and that is the furthest thing from what you should be looking for.

We want to sell quality products at fair pricing to upper middle class households. I’m sorry if the above statements offend anyone but this is what I have learned from the past seven years of doing business online. It’s not meant to be prejudice or rude; it is only meant to help guide you along to your ultimate goal. Making a lot of money while doing the least amount of work possible.

What’s your opinion about this?


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