Samuel Adeniyi ~ Nigerian Blogger of the Week

My friend Enstine Muki of EmFastIncome started Blogger of the Week on his blog and I was inspired to do the same on this blog. The blogger of the week on this blog will strictly be for Nigerian Bloggers. Today, i’m starting with Samuel Adeniyi. You’ll find out who he is but before then, if you wish to be featured as a Nigerian Blogger of the Week, please contact me via the contact page and I’ll respond to you.


Meet Samuel Adeniyi ~ Nigerian Blogger of the Week

Samuel-AdeniyiSamuel Adeniyi is from Osun State but presently living in Lagos state, Nigeria. In January 2011, he ventured into blogging out of his passion for blogging. At the time he started, blogging for him was not all about the money to be made from it but rather it was basically because he had always loved sharing ideas. Samuel loves sharing what he knows with other people and that was how he started his blog – True Internet World.

Samuel Adeniyi loves blogging and he appreciates God that blogging pays him better than any job he has found himself doing. Before 2011, he had known a lot about the internet and has been pretty good at finding his way around it. This he started in 2001. Internet for him is fun and sharing tips with people is more fun. With this, he found out and believes that “What brings you more money is what you actually enjoy doing“.

Over the years, True Internet World has always grown in the numbers of readers, visits and income generated from the blog. Samuels see his blog – True Internet World to be one of the best resource blogs in Nigeria. He has layed down plans to achieve this which he works on daily.

Via his blog, he has been able to accomplish a lot of things e.g. social presence and more. One of the best thing asides money generated from his blog is the followership base he has for his blog. He loves making friends and his blog helps accomplish that. He really feel happy when readers of his blog send emails, pings and even call him to tell how happy they are visiting his blog and thanking him for my works so far – it sure feels good *smiles. :)

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  • Samuel Adeniyi

    Thank You so much for this bro. Really appreciate the love.

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      Good job bro. You welcome