How to Save Yourself from SCAM Bloggers

For everything in life, there are genuine and there are fakes. It’s the same with blogging. There are SCAM bloggers and their are REAL bloggers. I have experiences with both. In this post, I would do my best to share my views about how you can easily detect a SCAM blogger. I belive this postt will help you become a SCAM detector if you are not one already. And if you are a SCAM detective, I would be glad if you can share some helps as comment further below this post.


Everywhere you go online, you see make XXXX in one day. Truth must be told for once. And it has to be settled for once. The Truths and Lies about internet marketing is as follows:


1. Does s/he have a Facebook profile or Facebook Fan Page or Twitter profile?

Due to the popularity of Facebook, I believe both REAL and SCAM bloggers would be using Facebook for their business. One way to separate or detect a wretched SCAM blogger is if he/she has a Facebook profile or Facebook Fan page. For twitter profile, make sure he has considerable numbers of followers. These followers MUST not be scammers. You can easily know this by checking their profile and what they use as status updates, picture and website URL.


2. Does s/he use more than 50 picture of himself?

Anybody can have a facebook profile or facebook fan page but only REAL bloggers will have more than 50 pictures of him/herself taking at different location – some professional and some unprofessional.


3. Does s/he displays his/her Adsense Cheque for others to see?

One thing I have seen recently is that almost everybody talks about how much money they are making from their Adsense. The truth is people make huge income but it is not all bloggers that make that much from Google Adsense. If you have any blogger out there hyping up his Adsense income, ask him to show you a picture of him and his previous Adsense cheque.


4. Have you spoken with him/her consistently on phone or instant messengers?

Before you commit your money into any blogger’s hand whether to pay for any of the product or service s/he offers, make sure you have spoken with him/her at least 5 times. Don’t be fooled by the clause you saw on their sales page that the product/service price will increase soon. Give yourself 2 days max to make calls to the seller and also to get the money for the product or services.


5. Does he/she uses a paid website or blog?

Make sure the blogger has a website or a blog. Infact, s/he is not a blogger if s/he does not have a blog or website. And if I should step on toes, if s/he uses a free blog like or, you need to find some other things you can hold on to before you get scammed. If s/he uses a free blog, make sure you confirm the number of subscribers s/he has, how much traffic does s/he gets in a week and lots more. These stats should be in there thousands before you make any commitment.


6. Have you searched for his name on Google, Yahoo or Bing?

Conduct a search for his/her name on major search engines and check what the result is. The best ‘litmus test’ for this is that you would be able to see what they are doing and what people are saying about them. For example, REAL bloggers will have results more than 7 pages on Google which tells of their good works. Do the search!


7. SCAM bloggers will tell you that;

- you do not need to know how the system of blogging works

- you can make it under three days or you can get rich through online business overnight

- you can make serious money online by just pushing buttons called ‘Surveys’

- there product will teach you everything you need to succeed doing internet business

- internet business is for everyone. Truth

- blogs alone can make you money

- you don’t need your own products or services to make more money online

- you can make thousands of euros with adsense under one month

- google adsense is the best way to make money online

- newbies can start making money immediately they purchase a product or service

- you don’t need a mentor to succeed

- if you loose your job, the easiest way to start making money is starting an online business

- you can use some tools plugins or robots, sit back and make great income from the internet

- they know everything about what you want them to do for you. The truth is they don’t.


Others you should take note of;

* If something is offered to you at an unbelievably low price or with a too good offer do not rush in; the offer may be a scam. Use your common sense and always get yourself an independent advice if it involves significant money.

* Remember that there can be no get-rich-quick schemes. It’s only a scam and do not fall into the trap. The only people who get rich in the process are the Scammers.

* Check the website address carefully. Scammers often set up fake websites with very similar addresses.

* Never enter your personal details, credit card numbers or online account information on a website that you are not certain is genuine.


Before I begin to sound like a mister know-it-all, let me pause. I don’t know everything you need to save yourself from a SCAM Blogger. The points I have raised above will help you a lot if you are a newbie. One other thing that will help you is your personal discretion. Build your personal discretion and capacity through study and research. If you have some points to raise regarding this post, please do so using the comment box provided after this post.


Also, if you need help with blog installation/creation/setup/design, blog support, blog migration, getting traffic, subscribers, marketing and advertising your products and every other thing related to internet, blog and online business, you should get in touch with me using the details below. I would be glad to help you out ASAP.


If you love what you have read, share it with your blogger friends or your wannabe bloggers. So that they can be careful in dealing with SCAM bloggers.


  • oskaaay

    This is an eye opener.but for genuine new bloggers, traffic should not be the area to see them as scammers.Another point to watch out for is those that claim that getting approved in sites like clickbank by Nigerians is very easy and simple at ones.

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