New Search Engine Optimization Tips You Should Work Out on Your Blog – Part 4

How much you pay attention to search engine optimization (SEO) determines how much relevance your blog commands. Have you ever searched for your blog’s keywords on major search engine sites like Google? If your blog is not found for the keywords or if your blog is not displayed on the first 60 results, then you need to optimize your blog for the search engines.


Below are the concluding part of the series on search engine optimization tips…


SEO Tips and Tricks


31. Make your site intuitive and as easy to use as possible. It is harder to solicit links from potential partners when the usability of your site is not up to par. This could indirectly affect your rankings.


32. You expect other blog owners to link back to you? Keep an open mind when people ask you to link to them and if they have a quality site DO SO. It’s good karma


33. Search engines like unique content that is also quality content. There can be a difference between unique content and quality content. Make sure your content is both.


34. Most of the times you will get NOTHING from paid links except maybe a few clicks unless the links are embedded in body text and are NOT obvious sponsored links.


35. Links from .edu domains are highly regarded by the search engines. Research possible non-profit .edu domains that could be looking for sponsors.


36. Don’t try to optimize the page for several keywords at at the same time. For each page you should focus on one main keyword phrase.


New Search Engine Optimization Tips


37. There is absolutely no reason to do SEO and even having a website at all if there is no clearly defined goal for that page and a strong call to action.


38. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. It is not something you do once and be done with it. Be prepared to work on your SEO regularly.


39. Get the attention of influential bloggers and other authority sites in your niche that may end up linking to you or reprinting your content.


40. Optimize the text in your RSS feed just like you should with your posts and web pages. Use descriptive, keyword rich text in your title and description.


41. Place captions below your images just like newspapers do for their photos. Pay attention to the context around your pictures. Images can rank based on text that are in close proximity to them on a page. Have your keywords closer to your images.


42. Make SEO-friendly URLs. Use keywords in your URLs and file names, such as Use hyphens to separate words but try not to use more than 3 hyphens as it appears spammy to the engines. (don’t use underscores to separate words for SEO)


43. Deep links from a high PageRank site are very powerful. When you find an opportunity GET THEM


44. Trick: For internal linking between your pages use absolute links (full URL). If someone steals your content, you’ll get backlink juice out of it.


45. Check if your hosting company offers temporary forwarding when moving to a new domain. This will retain the new URL in the address bar for a while so that your visitors can gradually get used to the new domain.


46. Social marketing is part of SEO. Study websites like Digg, Yelp,, Facebook, Twitter etc and use them effectively. Sites like this will help you to get a quick listing on search engines.

47. Your Videos can get a better chance to be found by the search engines if you create a video sitemap inside your Google Webmaster Central account.


48. YouTube videos show up in Google’s Search results. Make sure to submit your videos there


49. Some other video sites Google show in their search results are: Metacafe, AOL, MSN and Yahoo to name a few. Have your videos submitted there as well


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