How To Sell A Domain Name

Either you have a domain name to sell or you are planning to sell one, the first thing you should know is how to price the domain name you want to sell. You should therefore understand how good your domain name is. What price will it get from a buyer? What type of TLD (suffix) does it carry? A .com domain name are more likely to sell fast and will bring greater profits than, say .info domain names. Similarly, .net, .org and .in domain names are the best to make decent profit. Here are things you should know before you sell a domain name.

It is much harder to sell a domain name no one has heard of. Basic and common domain names which can be easily remembered or arouse interest in the market are the best to sell for more profit. Names that are easy to spell will attract buyers, and provide good opportunity to make a decent profit. If you know you have a good domain in your hands, then you are likely to make good profit by selling it.

You should also learn to sell premium domain names. Dictionary names are premium domain names. Domain names with dictionary-singular names are the hottest on the internet, and buyers are willing to pay a lot to purchase them. Also, you should know that unhyphenated domain names have more value.

Before trying to sell a domain name, you should keep track of the traffic the domain name receives as well as the domain’s expiry date. Also, you would need to clarify if the domain name earns you money or not. If it does, you will need to probably show a proof of that. This will help indicate the domain’s value in the market.

After getting a buyer for the domain name you are selling, you will need to transfer the domain name to the buyer after you receive payent. Every domain name selling website has its own process. Generally, the domain name selling websites require you to submit the authorisation/authentication code, which will initiate the transfer process. Once the transfer is completed, you can then transfer funds from the escrow account to your personal account. Do check for the minimum number of days the amount must stay in the escrow account before the transaction can be completed.

Once the amount is due for release from the escrow account, you can transfer the money via wire transfer or even through PayPal to your own personal account. The use of PayPal comes with its own limitations in some countries, and it is better to check the PayPal country regulations.


Here are Top 5 Places to Sell A Domain Name

1. Your own blog e.g. I have a list of domain names which I sell. I listed them for sale on this blog. Check – These Premium Domain Names are for Sale at Cheap Price
2. Go Daddy Auctions: The best aftermarket for domains on the Web!
3. Sedo: With over 40,000 sales each year, Sedo is the clear choice for selling domains.
4. Website Brocker
5. Afternic


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