How to Sell on Konga Marketplace

Konga recently launched a place for you to sell your products and services this is so that you can make more money online. The name of the place is called Konga Marketplace. In this post, you will find the easy steps to take in order for you to easily sell on Konga Marketplace.

10 Simple Steps to Sell on Konga Marketplace.


1. Fill out the sign up form. It takes less than two minutes. You can do that on Konga Marketplace.

2. Konga will verify your details. They just need accurate email, phone and bank details to contact you and ensure you get paid.

3. Konga assigns a dedicated support officer to your store. You get a free storefront and dedicated support.

4. Konga creates a SellerHQ account for you. This is your management portal to sell on Konga.

5. You upload your products to Konga. Very simple procedure. Just pictures, description and price required.

6. Customers buy your products from the Konga web site. There are thousands of customers waiting.

7. Konga will verify the customer details. Making sure you can trust your customer as much as they can trust you.

8. Konga notifies you when you have new orders to process via email, SMS and through SellerHQ.

9. You package your items and drop your orders at a UPS depot. All you need is your sellerHQ ID, the order details and you pay NOTHING to ship.

10. UPS delivers your orders and Konga pays you.


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