How to Send Facebook Like Request to your Feedburner Email Subscribers

Facebook Page admins can now send all their feedburner email contacts an invitation to Like their Facebook Page through a Facebook tool called “Import Contacts”. Contacts can be imported directly from supported email web services or uploaded through a contact file. The tool is available to admins of any new or smaller pages, and can help businesses convert their email database they’ve built for years into a Facebook audience. However, the limit you can upload is 5000 email contacts

To Send Facebook Like Request: How Do I Go About This?

It’s simple as long as you have Feedburner Subscribers and Facebook Page(s). Just follow the steps below as shown with images.

1. Log into your feedburner account through

Once you do, select by clicking on the feed of whose subscribers you want to send ‘like’ request to.

2. Click on “Subscribers”

3. Scroll down to where you will see ‘Email Subscription Services’. Click on ‘FeedBurner Email Subscriptions’ then click on ‘Manage Your Email Subscribers List’

4. On the new page, click on ‘CSV’ beside Export

The CSV file will be saved automatically. If not, you will be prompted to save the CSV file into your PC. Make sure you save the CSV file on your . It will be used in a moment from now.

We are done with Feedburner for now. Next open your Facebook account and follow the remaining steps below.

5. Open your Facebook Fan Page and Click on ‘Edit Page’. Please note, in the new Facebook page design, ‘edit page’ is now named “build your audience”. Click on “build your audience” if you are using the new Facebook page design.

6. On the drop down, click on “import contacts”

7. As soon as the page/popup loads, click on ‘Invite Contacts’ beside upload ‘contact list file’

8. After clicking, select and upload the CSV file. Click on ‘Browse’ to locate where you saved the CSV file you initially downloaded. Browse to where the CSV file is and click on open.

10. After the contacts are uploaded. Make sure you check/tick the box before ‘Select All/None’ and then click on ‘Preview Invitation’.

11. After clicking on ‘Preview Invitation’, you will get another page. Make sure you agree by checking/ticking the box and then click on ‘Send’

With the 11 steps above, you have simply sent Facebook like request to your FeedBurner Email Subscribers. You can carryout this exercise every 2 weeks so that you can keep increasing your Facebook Page Fans.


Originally posted 2011-03-23 18:11:30.