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SerpBook: Accurate Rank Tracking Made Easy

Accurately tracking your website’s or blog’s traffic will help you a great deal if you want to improve the income you make from your website or blog. Accurately tracking gives you access to stats that will help you change and improve the way you handle your business website or business blog. One tool to do this Serpbook. SerpBook is a powerful rank tracker for all of your campaigns – whether it is yours or your client’s. The SerpBook also includes Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank tracker.

With Serpbook, you can find out which Search engine optimisation (SEO) methods work, and which do not work. You need to stop wasting valuable time and resources repeating outdated SEO methods, and find out what works in the present through trial & error. You need to save yourself and money by using SerpBook. SerpBook’s powerful rank tracker enables you to quickly gather keyword rankings and use them for your marketing purposes. With Serpbook, accurate ranking analysis become easier.

Here are the basic reasons why SerpBook is the preferred rank tracker all the experts use.

1. Quick and Efficient Rank Tracker

- Manage Your Keywords into Categories.
- Organized categories are neat and efficient.
- Check your important keywords without the cluster of the others.
- Share a private link to view a category with clients.
- Select your category, delete a category, or create a new one.
- Track your preferred Google Region(.ca/.co.uk/ect).
- GEO Target your searches, with ZIP codes.

2. Instant Snapshot of Your Positions

- Get frequent updates of your site positions.
- Easily adjust your SEO strategies based on your positions.
- Google Page Rank, and Backlinks updated daily.
- Google Places/Local Listing results included.
- Manage multiple keywords or websites our effective rank tracker.

3. Live Notifications (Alerts)

- Get instant notifications when your keyword moves around.
- Notifications as soon as one of your keywords enters/leaves the 1/10/100 position.
- Easily view or hide any notifications you have.
- Alerts will tell notify you when one of your keywords has moved up or down drastically .
- Email Alert Notifications.

4. Notes

- Record notes on all of your keywords and campaigns.
- Notes combined with historical graph lets you easily see what works.
- Record. Discover. Repeat.
- Record your SEO done on your site.
- Discover what SEO methods work.
- Repeat your SEO methods on other sites.
- You can add notes for individual sites or keywords which makes your life a whole lot easier.

5. Google Analytics Integration

- Integrate LIVE Google Analytics data.
- Visual appealing, and easy to read ROI.
- Include your Google Analytics graph in your reports.
- Include your Google Analytics graph in your ViewKey.

These lots of good features in the SerpBook that you should make use of. Sign up with SerpBook today and accurately measure your rank.




Quick and Efficient Rank Tracker


    Instant Snapshot of Your Positions


      Live Notifications (Alerts)




          Google Analytics Integration




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