How to Setup, Maintain and Monetize Your WordPress Blog

I talk about WordPress blog a lot. Not only that I know how to use it but also because I recommend it any day anytime for those who want to have their own personal blog, business blog etc. This is because WordPress is easy to setup, maintain and also monetize. In addition to this, most blogs are built on the platform of WordPress.

wordpress-logoAll my functional blogs are WordPress based. In this post, you will learn how to setup, maintain and monetize your very own WordPress blog. This post is specifically written for those who are just getting started with blogging and those who intend to move their blogs to the WordPress platform.

Please note, the WordPress I’m referring to is not the free WordPress blog that you can easily setup by going to I don’t recommend this to you simply because it has so many limitations as at the time of writing this post. I don’t know when it will be upgraded to be of great use. You can wait till then when you have a better option. By WordPress, I mean the WordPress that comes with your purchase of a hosting account. With this, you will have a full control of your WordPress administration. This is the kind of WordPress most effective and excellent blogs use.

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At this point, I need to let you know that I have a productive guide on WordPress that I want to give out to as many people that have made a decision to start their blogs with WordPress and those who have made a decision to move their existing blogs to WordPress. This is one of the guides I read and applied while mastering the use of WordPress. The guide may be a little bit old (since 2009) but it contains effective information that are still relevant till now.

The information are as follows;

- Choosing a Niche & Keyword Research
- Choosing your Domain Name
- Registering your Domain Name
- Setting up your Webhosting Account
- Updating your Domain Nameservers
- Creating Domain Name Email Addresses
- Installing WordPress Blog using Fantastico
- Installing WordPress Blog Manually
- Installing WordPress Themes to your Blog
- Installing WordPress Plugins to your Blog
- Search Engine Optimization for your Blog
- Creating Categories for your Blog
- Creating Additional Pages for your Blog
- Writing your first post for your Blog
- Adding Pictures & Video to your Blog
- Monetizing your WordPress Blog
- Adding Adsense, Aweber & Affiliate Banners
- Adding Google Analytics to your Blog
- Traffic Generation techniques for your blog

The truth is, this guide covers step-by-step all the basics on setting up, maintaining and monetizing your WordPress Blog. I also use the information contained in this guide to setup WordPress blogs for people with a minimum of N15, 000. You too can get this guide, apply it on your own blog, see the results and also use the information contained within the guide to setup WordPress blogs for people.

I would have given this guide to you for free but I won’t. The simple reason is that this guide contains the solution you need for your WordPress blog. In addition to this, you will make money doing WordPress setting up as a service on your blog. So, you will not only find solutions, you will help other find solutions and get paid for that but first, you’ll need to pay me for the solution I have helped you find.

You can make this guide yours with as little as N 2, 000. This is a give away price compared to the value contained in the guide. If you say N 2, 000 is too much, then it simply means you are not ready to get started with WordPress as your blogging platform. You can go ahead and start your blog on the free blog providers out there and when you are ready, you can then make a purchase. The truth is, it’ll be more expensive then considering what you would have lost in cash and in kind. If you see a big future for your blog, my advice is that you should start with the right and proper step.

To make a purchase of the WordPress Setup guide, please send your full name, email address, phone number, occupation (which school & course of study if student), your home/office address and your Facebook URL to me via [email protected]. Please note that your information is safe with me. I need it to know who my clients are and also to be able to assist further where necessary.

Don’t let this offer pay you by. The WordPress setup guide is what you should purchase with an investment of just N 2, 000 or you can ask me to help you setup, maintain and monetize your WordPress blog which I would charge you nothing less than N 15,000 for basic WordPress installations.

Expecting your mails as soon as possible.

To your WordPress Success

Originally posted 2012-05-17 08:00:46.