Online Publisher News: Sharetori Growth and Changes

This news is for present Sharetori publishers about sharetori growth and changes. Please read and get informed. If you are yet to be a sharetori publisher, you will find more information about Sharetori below.


Dear Publishers,

Happy New year!

At SHARETORI, we strive to build our services to provide the best experience possible to our community of publishers and advertisers.

We’ve been listening closely, reading every single feedback and comments you have been sending. Thank you very much for taking your precious time to share with us your thoughts and ideas.

As a result of your loyalty and enthusiasm to help the Sharetori community, we have experienced a tremendous growth in the past two months. We have started implementing some adjustments to accommodate for the growth.

Below are some of the changes you should expect as we streamline our services.

1. Introduction of bank withdrawals.
2. Limitation of Withdrawals to once a week.
3. Manual approval of new submitted website, that would take approximately 3 – 4 working days before they can serve our advertisement.
4. Implementation of a one strike rule for websites that use template or pre-generated “ready made” sites intended to profit from Sharetori adverts. What this mean is, if you do submit a blog/website with the intention to game our system, we would ban your entire account permanently.
5. Increasing airtime withdrawal minimum and maximum to 500 Naira.

Once again, thank you for helping us grow and being part of the family as we build a strong sustainable sharing network.

Sharetori Team

So what is sharetori?

Sharetori is a social sharing network for sub-Saharan Africa. They provide support for spreading information about local business, news, video, and social causes. Users that help spread the trend will be paid when they share information about your product or campaign.

Sharetori amplifies your social communications. If you’re an advertiser, rather than battling for viewer attention on TV or radio, you get the people who use your products to spread the word about it. You get real people sharing your campaign with their friends and followers. We provide support for getting the word out about products, campaigns and news. Users helping to spread trends and share information win rewards and cash!

Advertisers – spreading your message

Hi there, potential advertiser. You have something awesome? Excellent! Sharetori can help you get the word out. If you already have an account, you can create a campaign. If you don’t have one yet, don’t be shy and sign up here.

Publishers – are you a social maven?

Are you the one everybody asks what’s new? Are you the one with all the cool new music, with the latest news and who knows where to get the best deals on stuff? Well, it’s about time you got rewarded for being so cool. Sharing things through Sharetori means you get rewarded in credits, gifts and cash. Yes, you read that right! You’re getting paid just to be yourself.

Considering how you’re usually in the know, you already have an account. Now, you can just take a look at the excellent things to share and start earning rewards.

Get an account on Sharetori today!