Google+ Social Login for Websites

Google+ is powering an increasing number of user logins across the Web. Google+’s share of social logins hit its highest level since 2010 in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to Janrain. Facebook remains the most popular login provider on the Web with a 45% share, but Google is now back up to 35%. For comparison, Google+ had a 38% share in the fourth quarter of 2010, but fell off that mark until recently.

However, the social login landscape is not a zero-sum game. Internet users still enjoy using a variety of services to log in to websites. Yahoo and Twitter each had a 6% share in the fourth quarter. Social media services want users to log in to other sites and services with their social media credentials, because it helps companies such as Facebook better understand a person’s broader web browsing habits.

For Digital Marketers

Google+ Social login for websites helps solve the challenge of how to collect more accurate customer profile data without sacrificing customer acquisition rates. Social login for websites accelerates the registration process to a single click and gives you instant permission-based access to rich demographic and psychographic data about your customers. This social profile data can be utilized to improve your segmentation, personalization and targeting efforts.

For Developers and Technologists

It can be a big headache to implement the plumbing to each social network API on your own. These networks use different protocols under the hood, such as OpenID, OpenID Connect, OAuth, and proprietary technologies. As a result, coding social login for websites on your own can require a significant investment of time, engineering expertise and ongoing maintenance as the networks change their APIs, in some instances without much advanced notice. Your social login and sharing solution should allow you to easily integrate multiple social networks by writing once to a single API. By cutting deployment times from weeks or months to a couple days, you can focus on your core competency while trusting that the social login technology implemented on your site will always just work, without the hassle.

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