5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Blog with WordPress

I’ve been using WordPress since 2008. I started by using it for my personal blog. Between then and now, I have had a lot of experience and I keep loving it more and more. Thanks to Matt Mulleweg for creating and developing WordPress. Today, I highly recommend anyone to use WordPress as his content management system. The only situation where WordPress would not be adequate is for people who want to create a very specific type of website (e.g., a wiki, an online forum or a social bookmarking site).

Here are the five main reasons to star your blog with WordPress:


1. Open Source.

wordpress-logoOpen source software means two things: first of all it is free for any sort of use. You can use it to power your personal blog or even to power your corporate website. Secondly, it will remain free forever. No company owns the code. The community does. This is important to make sure that you will not risk losing the control over the software that powers your websites.


2. State-of-the-art platform.

WordPress is arguably the most reliable and sophisticated publishing platform available on the web. It has a wide range of basic and advanced features, and since it uses the PHP language, anyone can edit and tweak the core code to create new uses and features. Moreover, WordPress makes it very easy to manage any site, and it already comes with some search engine optimization.


3. Active Community.

Another big benefit of using WordPress is the support that you will have from its active community. The WordPress support forums are always full of members ready to help fellow WordPress users and to explain how you can solve your technical problems. On top of that you will also find a wide range of websites and blogs that are exclusively dedicated to WordPress and its development.


4. Themes.

WordPress uses themes, which are nothing more than web templates that can be installed and switched between with a single click. There are thousands of freely available WordPress themes, and there are also many companies that produce premium quality WordPress themes that you can purchase and install in your blog.


5. Plugins.

WordPress already comes with a large number of features out of the box, and you also have thousands of plugins, most developed by the users themselves, that can be installed and that will carry out all sorts of tasks.

Now that you have seen the five main reasons why you should use WordPress, you should go ahead and get started with WordPress as soon as possible. And when you need assistance with WordPress, feel free to come back and ask me for assistance. You can also learn more about WordPress Tips, to do this, please read through our previous posts or through the related posts listed further below. You should also subscribe with your email address, RSS, follow me on Twitter, become my fan on Facebook so as to get more effective posts delivered to you as soon as they are made available here.


Originally posted 2012-08-08 17:00:19.

  • https://www.haroldwrites.wordpress.com Harold

    I love using wordpress for two main reasons: I can connect my wordpress blog to my twitter, facebook and linkedin accounts so when i publish a post, it appears automatically on those platforms. this is good for publicity as well as draw traffic to my blog. secondly, I can blog on the go as wordpress has an blackberry application. i dont need a laptop to blog. All i need to do is launch the application, and am good to go!