Start Your Online Business with a .biz Domain Name for $5/year

I am an Internet Entrepreneur, and one of the things I do a lot is to register lots of keyword rich domain name and later build them up into blogs or sell the domain names. In this post, you will find how to start your online business with a .biz domain name for a cheaper price.

One major problem I keep facing is that most of these keyword rich domain names would have been registered by someone else. If you a witness to this, then be glad because I have found a simple solution. With this simple solution, you can start your online business right now before someone else does.

Perhaps you want a domain name for your business website but the .com of your brand name or company name is already taken by someone else? Why bother adding funny characters to your company name just so you can find an available .com domain name when you can go an alternate and simple .biz domain name?

Introduced in 2001, .biz is intended for the use of businesses in every part of the world so long the domain name is for a genuine business or commercial use. The good news is that from now, you can get it at a cheaper price with Web4Africa. This because they are offering new .biz domain name registrations for only $5/year. That is a special promo with massive 33% saving on their regular pricing. The special promo applies to new registrations only and does not include renewals nor transfer-ins.

To enjoy the special discount, simply go to web4africa and click on ‘Domain Names’ to get started. Use the ‘DOMAIN NAME AVAILABILITY CHECKER’ tool to search for the .biz domain name of your choice, fill in the required details and then click on ‘Order Now’. After which you should follow the other steps and get your domain name registered.

Remember, it is as simple and easy as doing the following;

1. Go to web4africa and click on ‘Domain Names’

2. On the next page, use the ‘DOMAIN NAME AVAILABILITY CHECKER‘ tool to search for the .biz domain name of your choice.

3. Fill up the requirements and then click on ‘Order Now‘.

4. On the next page, which is the ‘Confirm Order’ page

5. Make sure you complete your order as soon as possible so that you can start your online business site as fast as possible.

Remember, you might also need to add web hosting to your order or you might just register the domain name and get a hosting account for it later

If you need help with this, please use the comment box provided below to ask for assistance and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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