Have You Started Your Blog Yet?

If you haven’t, the more time you spend thinking about it, the more money you are losing. The truth is, we are in a time where the internet is growing. One major way to partake in this growth is owning your own blog and treating it as a business. A time is coming when it is either your business is online or you are out of business. Now is the time to get your blog started.

In starting your own blog, you need to get four important tools. These tools are what you should invest in if you really consider yourself making it online. These tools are;


1. Domain Name

I recommend Namecheap or Web4Africa. This is because they really do offer one of the best service when it comes to registering your domain. With so many marketers using them, they are one of the leading domain registrars and I am certain that you will love their service. Go to Web4Africa and register your new domain from as little as $15.


2. Web Hosting

You can also get this with Hostgator. They offer you the opportunity to host a WordPress blog. It is not all webhosts that offer this service. It’s wise to take advantage of the hosting plans.


3. List Building

List building is where the money is. You should do this from the beginning of your blog. Start building lists from the onset. There are different list building tool your can make use of e.g. Aweber, MailChimp, TrafficWave etc. You can also learn more about list building.


4. Education

You would need a lot of education to start making a dime from your blog. Online business will not work if you are not properly educated about the internet and businesses. Glad enough, you can learn how to make money online here if you stay through to what we teach. Read what we have made available. Become part of our subscriber to get updates about more things to learn. There are other materials on making money online that you should read.

To learn more about building a successful blog, please read through our previous posts or through the related posts listed further below.


Originally posted 2012-07-05 12:00:00.

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