Things to Consider Before Starting a WordPress Blog

So many people are getting into blogging. Most of these people are also moving to the WordPress platform for blogging. This happens almost everyday. If you’re new to starting up a WordPress blog, here are a few things you should consider before starting a WordPress blog.

Use appropriate design

If you must have a blog on WordPress, then consider using appropriate design. Don’t make your blog look like a junkyard. Your design is the first impression you’ll pass to your blog visitors. By using appropriate design, I don’t mean to much designs. I mean a simple design but still captivating.

Select a Reliable Web Host

Where your blog will be hosted is a decision that you’ll need to make in the early stages. Make sure you go with a reliable host that supports the growth, speed and availability of your site. Also, you will need to make sure of the kind of support the host gives. For more on WordPress hosting, please read the following posts.

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Use a Responsive Theme

A responsive theme is simply a theme that allows your website to be viewed on a mobile device or tablet, it automatically resizes your blog to easily be viewed on any device. There are many free and paid responsive themes for WordPress. You should Use a Responsive WordPress Theme for your blog.

Start with Unique and Helpful Contents

I’ll advise that you start your WordPress blog by posting unique contents that people want. Also, keep your visitors engaged and coming back with a regular new content. This will help you create a following, improve your blog’s SEO too and make your blog grow daily. Your content should be written with both your target audience and SEO in mind. Keep your message clear and to the point. Ensure your keywords are used wisely in the header and the body of your text.

Don’t Use a Free Hosting

Free hosting normally involves the third party selling advertising on your blog. Or better still, there services cannot be like having a paid hosting. Also with free hosts, you’re likely to be sharing a server with hundreds if not thousands of other sites this will dramatically reduce response time and availability of your blog. Don’t give people a bad impression about you and your blog.

Finally, don’t forget to do your adequate research for starting and for posting new contents on your blog. Don’t just start a WordPress blog for starting sake. You need to keep doing research if you want your blog to be successful. Look up Google Analytics and use Google’s Keyword tool to find what your audience is looking for.