What is a Sticky Blog Post and How Do I Write it?

Writing blog posts almost everyday is not enough to get you the type on influence you need. You need to start making your blog posts sticky. I am a blogger and I’ve heard and read about the word ‘sticky blog post’. I didn’t get to see it’s importance not until I started writing sticky blog posts. In this post, you will find out what a sticky blog post is. You will also find out how to start writing sticky blog posts.

Not only should your blog post create buzz it should to be sticky as well. Stickiness is a term that web publishers use to describe the ability for your blog post to bring return visitors even several days after it was first published. There are a lot of blogs in your same niche. They are too much for people to choose from. No matter what blog post topic you choose, there is a guarantee that their are other blogs on the same blog post topic.


How Do I write Sticky Blog Posts?

1.State clearly what problem you are about solving through the blog post

Your goal should be to make your blog post stand out and get people coming back for more. When you create your blog posts, you have two specific groups of people you need to be targeting – new visitors and old visitors. New visitors need to be able to instantly tell what your blog post is about. This means that you need to have an introduction of the problem you are about to address in the post. This should be in the first two paragraphs at the top of your blog post.

There are so many things to read and visitors are impatient. The read the first few sentence in your blog post so as to find a direction. If they couldn’t find the direction of the blog post and what it stands to offer, the click on the close button and search for another blog with an introduction that gives them a direction.

2. Solve problems with your blog posts

Even if your blog posts are in news format, it must solve a problem. People come online to look for solutions in the form of information. Your blog posts should meet their needs if you want them to keep coming back. Examples of blog posts that solves problems are blog posts on resources, tips, lists, ways, how-tos, stories, interviews etc which meets human needs.

3. Offer visitors the opportunity to say their minds.

While closing up your blog posts, give your readers reason to ask further questions. You can put up question for them to answer or you let them know that they are free to ask questions. This is because, if they ask a question today, they would come back later to see if an answer as been provided.

4. Write serial posts

It is never a must you write all you need to say in a blog posts. Your visitors prefer to have the information you want to give to get to them in series rather that using lots of time to read through just one blog post. With series blog posts, you visitors/readers will always be ready to read the continuation of the series you earlier started.

5. Offer visitors the opportunity to subscribe to your blog

Make your blog’s subscription box for your RSS or Email feed prominent and you’ll get new subscribers that will keep coming back to read more helpful posts. Your old visitors need to be catered to as well. Keep your content fresh and update your blog frequently. When you think about it, each and every post you make is an opportunity to lose or keep visitors. Your aim should be to get more subscribers with every post you publish on your blog. And to get this, you need to keep informing them that they can subscribe to your blog.

Blog readers are fickle. If you don’t provide them with something interesting and exciting to read, they will move on to the next blog on the same topic. You need to approach each blog post with enthusiasm and a plan. Instead of rushing to publish a post because you want it out before others, you should take time to make it sticky. The truth is, whether your rush or not, someone else is going to publish the same blog post as yours. What will make you standout is how sticky your blog post is.


Originally posted 2011-03-28 19:00:24.

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