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How to Stop receiving the New Facebook Profile and Groups Notifications in your Email Address

In this post, you will see how to stop receiving all of these New Facebook Profile and New Facebook Groups Notifications in your Email Address. To help you get this clearly. I would show you how to do these in steps. You need to do this and prevent yourself from tsunami kind of emails from Facebook that will be flooding your email address if you don’t do this.


Step 1: Log on to your Facebook Account if you have not.

Log on to your Facebook Account right now. Once you do, click on ‘ACCOUNT’ as shown in the picture below. You will find this at the top (your) right hand corner of your Facebook Profile



Step 2: Click on Account Settings on the drop-down


As shown in the picture above, click on the ‘Account Settings’. Also, if you are not yet my friend on Facebook. Simply click on ‘Facebook’ and add me as friend.


Step 3: Click on Notifications



After clicking on ‘Account Settings’, wait for the page to load. After loading, click on ‘Notifications’ as shown in the picture above.


Step 4: Un-check all boxes



After a page that looks like what’s on the picture above loads, read what Facebook wrote and un-check all boxes. Doing this will make you stop the Facebook notifications and the Group Group Notifications you receive in your email address.


You should scroll down in order to un-check all the boxes. You will also get to a point where you will see what looks like what’s in the picture below.



Click on the ‘Show More’. Mine has 365 more posts. Yours can be more or less. Once you click on it, you should un-check all the boxes too. You should not worry about this. This is because, once you log into your Facebook account, you will see all the notifications. Also, Facebook will sometime send important notices about your Account to your email when needed.


After you have un-checked all boxes, click on ‘Save Changes’ and you are done. If you need any help regarding Facebook, you are free to ask using the comment box provided below.


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