5 Ways to Use StumbleUpon Successfully

StumbleUpon has been proven over and over again to be a traffic generator to blogs. It is a site you need to get used to if you have not being using it. If you have been using it, it’s time to approach it with a different mindset. The truth is, there are things to do so as to make good use of StumbleUpon and use it to generate traffic to your blog. If you don’t know these things, you would just be wasting time on StumbleUpon. If you want to be making effective use of StumbleUpon, go ahead and read up this post.

5 Ways to make Effective use of StumbleUpon

Here are the 5 Ways to make Effective use of StumbleUpon

If you like a page/post, give it a thumbs up! The more you tell StumbleUpon about your preferences, the better will StumbleUpon show you more of what you’ll like and less of what you won’t.

Invite your friends so StumbleUpon can bring their discoveries to the stuff StumbleUpon suggest to you and you can share pages with them easily. You can find and add more friends to your StumbleUpon profile by going to the StumbleUpon find friends page.

Add new interests whenever you are interested in something new. You can add new interest to your StumbleUpon profile by going to StumbleUpon interest page.

Get the StumbleUpon add-on and easily stumble and share from wherever you are on the web.

Download StumbleUpon app for your iPhone, Android or iPad.

Now, go forth and stumble!

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