This is What You Need to Succeed in Online Business (Part 1)

You can succeed at anything only if you know how to go about it. In the days we live in, so many people wants to start, run and succeed in an online business. The truth is, most of them end up loosing more than they had at first. While some others end up averagely successful. Anyway, success is not an end it’s a journey. If you really want your journey in online business to be marked with success then you need to pay attention to what you about to read today. Also, watch out for more parts of the things you need to succeed in your online business.

small-business-onlinePlease note, what you are about to read is not all what you need to succeed in online business. You will find more by searching through Make Money Online Nigeria and also subscribe to get more as soon as they are published. Our aim is to help people build successful online businesses. You too can have a successful online business.

It has been said before, but attention is the new currency. When you can generate attention, you have something on which to build a business. Why do you think celebrities make as much money as they do? Half of them are half-baked talent anyway, yet that is no reason why they can’t be loaded. Britney Spears is a pretty horrible singer, yet she makes a lot of money. Why? Because she attracts attention.

Movie studios pay big bucks for certain actors to star in their films. Why? Because those actors bring attention with them. They have a built-in audience. Major brands pay celebrities to show up at their businesses just to bring the media there (attention). They pay celebrities to stare at a camera, hold their product, and say something. Why? Because it brings attention.

Attention is the new currency. If you have it, your bills get paid. Enough said. Attention is what we’re looking to build and keep. We’ll just think of an attention unit as a measurement of attention, similar to a dollar being a measurement of money. Our job in online business, is to:

1. Attract attention units.
2. Direct attention units.

Your blog and all that you do online is designed to attract attention units. Once you have those attention units, you want to direct them to something which pays off. You, in essence, act as an attention funnel. However, there is the added caveat that you also act as a collector of attention units. You will build a fan base. These people will continue to flow attention units to you. These are the people who will respond every time you say something on your blog. The attention unit metaphor clarifies a lot of things and, in my view, simplifies things (and I love keeping things simple). It explains why you need to do certain things. It also explains why not to do certain things.

For example, it is important to build a mailing list. Why is that? Well, it is because an email list is your most powerful way to direct attention units. It is your way of mobilizing an audience and pointing them at things. Your blog alone will have a difficult time doing that because it is a reactionary medium. You have to sit back and wait until people decide, on their own accord, to see if you’ve posted anything new. An email list is a proactive platform where you can put content in their inbox. Without an email list, you are breaking a basic tenet of online business. You cannot direct attention. You can only wait for it.

Here is another example. Banner advertising is good for starters but it is a pretty poor way to make money with a blog. Banner advertising cannot build you a house. When looked at it from a perspective of attention, what are you doing with a banner ad? You are sending the attention AWAY from your blog! You did all that work to get a person to your site, and you’ve put yourself into a position where the way you’ll make money is to chuck them off onto somebody else (by clicking the banner ad). You made a few pennies, but that company got the attention unit. The attention unit is a lot more valuable.

This stuff is so fundamental it should be a natural law. If you want to succeed online then you MUST do everything in your power to get attention and also to keep the attention for yourself. Find what you want to do and do it consistently. I have received countless mails from people who commend me for what i’m doing. For them to say that means that I have gotten their attention. You too can get people’s attention for your good. Work at it and let it be your desire.

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