10 Golden Success Rules for Avenues to Wealth

Many times, people get into this business without fully counting the cost, or knowing what is required to succeed in this business. In case you have been looking for ways to succeed with A2W or you just joined, here are some success rules for Avenues to Wealth that if you put to practice will guarantee your success in this business. I put them in practice and they’ve been helpful.

Are you ready skyrocket you income from A2W? Do these…

1. You need to have a name list of 160 people minimum. This is your business plan for this business. If you don’t know 160 people, that’s the first problem you need to solve before you start contemplating financial freedom.


2. You need to increase your name list by 10% monthly. If you are a human being, you must meet new people and add them to your list. You should also track the progress you have made with people on your list.

3. You need to tell at least 4 people weekly about A2W. Either you do this yourself or get them to attend meetings across the world. If you are new in this business, get them into meetings.

4. You need to ensure that within 48hrs of getting on board this opportunity you introduce your first two (2) people. These people may not require marketing, they should be people that you can simply tell to pay and join you as your business partners. If you can go as far as 10 to 20, it’s a plus as well.

5. You need to attend meetings, offline or online. You need Business Presentation Meetings, Business Training Meetings, Team Events and Corporate Events. There is always something to learn, and the true manifestation of emptying your cup, is being humble enough to attend meetings even when you think you know.

6. Sign a Power Contract with your Upline and get him to become your accountability partner. Commit to shut up, listen and do!

7. Set your financial freedom goal, and get a workbook to track your weekly progress. Everything falls into perspective when there is an overall objective.

8. Read a book a week, and ensure you find people to teach what you learn. If you can’t teach someone you are not qualified to have people in your team, so start with your prospects. You can start with books that will make this opportunity easier for you.

9. Start your own home meeting. As soon as you have a few members in your team, start getting yourself ready to start a meeting. We now have tools that would make it easy for you to start. We have a “Home Video” you can get.

10. Get involved with everything exciting about the A2W opportunity. For basics, Join the Cooperative and start saving monthly, have a CUG line, take the Health Insurance plan, buy from Our Shop, and get something to distribute.

This is originally written by Adeolu Akinyemi, MD Avenues to Wealth

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