Get One Thousand Naira (N1, 000) Domain Names for Your Blogspot Blogs

Are you looking to take your online business to the next level? If yes, you can get a cheap domain name for your blogs which are on blogspot dot com. You can easily buy as many domains as you want for N1, 000 each. After which you can then configure the custom domain name the same day to use for your blogspot blog.

1000 Naira domain namesI looked around to get the best deal so as to give people this opportunity and I had no one except this paticular domain name registration and hosting company. You can get domain names starting from $3.98 per year from NameCheap that’s like N650 per year.

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How to Get One Thousand Naira Domain Names

To get the domain names, please follow the steps below;

Step #1: – Go to and like the page to become a fan.

Step #2: – Go to and click on the ‘follow’ button to become my follower.

Step #3: – Go to and fill in your active email address to become a subscriber of Make Money Online Nigeria. Later check your email address for a subscription confirmation email. Read the email and confirm your subscription.

Step #4: – Use any of the sharing buttons on this blog to share this post. If you do, I would know and it would counts towards your getting the N 1, 000 Domain Names.

Step #5: – Please send the following details to [email protected]

Your Full name:
Your Active Email Address:
Your Present Blogspot Domain URL:
Your Choice Custom Domain URL:
Your Facebook Name: (I will use this to confirm if you are one of my Facebook fans)
Your Twitter Name: (I will use this to confirm if you are one of my Twitter Follower)
Your Active Email Address: (I will use this to confirm if you are one of my subscribers)
Your Active Phone Number(s)

It is very important that you follow the five steps above. If you don’t, you won’t be attended to.

After I get your email, I would verify the steps above and if you scale through the verification process, I would reply your email with what you need to do next so as to get the N 1, 000 Domain Name.

At this point I need to emphasis that I’m only looking for 50 Nigerians. If I get sponsors, the number would be increased. You will get to know this as an update. Also, please note, in order to keep things in order, this is how we would do things. The first 10 people that sends in their emails and pass the verification process will get their domains name at N 1, 000. The next 20 people will get their domain name at N 1, 500 and the last 20 will get their domain name at N 2, 000. This is why you need to be fast about this.

For further questions and enquiries, please use the comment box provided below and I would get back to you.

Please feel free to share this post with your friends if you already have a custom domain name. Also, if you know people who can sponsor this, I will be glad to have them send me an email on [email protected]


  • Juliana Onwumere

    I believe you will be as honest as you sound. I am going to do all these now and I hope I will get the domain name.

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      LOL Juliana. Welcome to my honest world. You’ll get the domain name if you respond well.