It’s Time for Network Marketing

Many of us have refused to share the network marketing opportunity with others because we are not proud of the industry. We are not proud because we do not know enough to be. We do not share because we say people tune off, when they hear Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing.

Well, they turn because 95% of the time, they don’t know enough. 3% of the time because they erroneously believed that what they participated in before was a Network Marketing Company and 2% of the time the companies they failed in didn’t fail, they failed.

network_marketing_tipsThe truth is for anyone who cares to know, Network Marketing is one of the most reliable and sustainable business concepts that truly provides a level playing ground. We need to first get knowledgeable about the industry and then boldly and confidently share with others. Here are some little trivia.

Warren Buffet in 2002 picked up shares in a Network Marketing/Direct Selling company and called it the best investment he ever made, leading him to pick shares in 7 other Network Marketing companies.

Donald Trump started the Trump Network, a Network Marketing Company. He is also quoted as saying if he ever gets to lose his billions, he’ll find a network marketing company, start from scratch and build his way to the top.

Richard Brandson, a veteran entrepreneur, knighted as an entrepreneur for the United Kingdom, started his on Network Marketing company called Virgin VIE.

Robert Kiyosaki endorsed the industry, Stephen Covey endorsed the industry. Citigroup has a Network Marketing subsidiary – Primerica. Prepaid legal is a Network Marketing product that sells legal services. This business opportunity is both exciting and credible.

We have created loads of value locally to help every A2W distributor make their money’s back from different deals without even marketing anyone to buy the privilege pack. However, the only way to generate meaningful earnings from A2W is to grow your network. Don’t be shy to say you are a networker. We don’t abandon the names because they have wrong connotations, we ride on the name until it becomes desirable.

If you are ready for Network Marketing with A2W, please go and get started on the 3 Steps to Coming on board A2W this Month

Originally posted 2012-10-09 10:00:41.

  • Angel

    Nice post. I just want to know more on Network marketing. I was not sure about this industry but reading your post I think I should think over this field again.

  • Kemi Iwalesin

    I’ve actually signed on a2w, but I’ve not moved it from there. I need help now. Thanks.

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      Hi Kemi, please go through the mails you receive from A2W Admin, act on them and make sure you talk with your upline