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Meet Nwamaka Titilayo Okoli known as Titilayo Ama. She runs Spread Media, an Online Expansion Platform for Nigerian Businesses that helps Business Owners Expand using Online Solutions. Spread Media also runs one of the leading Nigerian Business Blog for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Would-be Entrepreneurs and the Unemployed. She is a lover of Computers and Technology and was introduced to Computers at a very early age. She is also an Oracle Certified Professional, A Certified Customer Service Professional from two International Institutes and also a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional from HubSpot USA. She is a learning addict, the Author of “How Social is Your Business” A Social Media Guide for Nigerian Businesses and also A Public Speaker on Social Media, Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship. She is a certified Geek in Pink :)

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Why is Titilayo Ama the Nigerian Blogger of the Week?

Titilayo Ama Spread MediaTitilayo Ama started Blogging in 2011 and has been featured as 2013 Top Startup Social Entrepreneurs To Watch Out in Nigeria by Jeenager Youth Hub and in Kenni Ajose’s Flygerian List “Brightest and Fly Young Nigerians to watch out for in 2013″. Her blog (The Spread Media Business Blog) was also nominated in the Best Business Blog Category of The Nigerian Blog Awards. Her Business Blog has also brought a lot of speaking opportunities where she has shared with both Business Owners, aspiring Entrepreneurs and Unemployed Graduates. The Spread Media Business Blog is also available in both The Nokia Store and The Blackberry App World.

The Spread Media Business Blog covers Business Tips and Guides for Business Owners, Online Learning [How-To] Classes, Social Media Tips for Businesses, Inspirational posts, Business Events, Business Resources/Tools and also Special Columns by Selected Columnists on Personal Finance, SME Branding, Creative Business and Customer Service. It also runs an amazing and Inspiring Section called The Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Day that features young enterprising Nigerians who share their Business Stories with the world via the Online Platform to help inspire aspiring Entrepreneurs to take that Step. Currently in its Second Season, The Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Day feature on the Spread Media Business Blog has received enormous positive feedback and has had bigger platforms and Publications share the Entrepreneurs’ stories.

Overtime, she has learned that as a Blogger you should never stop looking for ways to improve. You’ve got to be passionate and shouldn’t turn to Blogging with the hope of making zillions in seconds. You’ve got to be dedicated, Creative and Consistent. You should also learn to connect with other Bloggers in your Community, like they say no man is an island. Keep Learning, Keep Improving! Don’t reduce your standards just to get cheap traffic and I never forget that “We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit”.

Titilayo Ama is one of the outstanding bloggers I know in Nigeria. If you blog in the same niche with her, you will learn a lot from her.

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