Tools You Need for Your Information Marketing Business in Nigeria

Before you start an information marketing business in Nigeria, you must have found at list 10 red hot niches that is guaranteed to make you money anyday, anytime in Nigeria. If you have not done this, I must confess to you that you have not started. Take time out to find out red hot niches.

To help you, here are 10 hot niches in Nigeria at the moment of writing this post;

1. How to make money online blogging, Internet marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc
2. Online Betting
3. How to Sack your landlord and build your own house/Start a real estate investment business
4. Stock Trading & Forex trading
5. How to get a US/UK/CANADA work permit Visa within 30 Days!
6. How to cure premature Ejaculation
7. How to give your wife a earth shaking orgasm without using “Agbo Jedi” (aphrodisiac)
8. How to woo & date very hot girls in Lagos/Nigeria
9. How to save your marriage from divorce
10. How to start importation business from China

Now that I have showed you the top 10 niches, its time for us to start setting up your own information marketing business in Nigeria. When it comes to information business, what we are selling is information. Information that is in the format of Ebooks, Audios, Videos, Seminars, softwares etc.

The above are the format of our products. So for example, if you are a good at helping people solve relationship problems, you can write an E-book or create an audio or even record a video and package it and sell it. This is what Brian Tracy does exactly.

So….what are the tools you need…. Here we go….[Ensure you pick a pen & paper & write these down]

1. OpenOffice – This software is completely free. Its the FREE version of microsoft office. If you want to create your E-book, you simply type your E-book (like you type in microsoft word) and once you are done, you simply use that same software to convert to PDF and voila…you have your E-book.

2. – With this, we can create Video that is recorded live from your computer screen – You’ll only need to use it if you are creating a video product. I used this same software to create the Cash On Demand system

3. Autoresponder – This is the most important and the heart of your information business. With this autoresponder, you’ll be able to build your list of potential buyers that will buy your information products. Once you start building your list, you’ll then be able to send them emails of good content and also promote your products (the one we create with Open Office & Camstudio) etc.

Quite a lot of people like using FREE autoresponder, but i want to encourage you not to use it. Learn from me…Get Aweber or Getresponse instead. With just N2,500 per month, you can start using these autoresponders.

4. Domain Name & Hosting – Domain is the address of your website and hosting is where your website is hosted on. The two always go together. With as low as N5,000 per year, you can get hosting and domain name. I can fix this up for you if you want it, all you need is to make a comment on this post.

A lot of people always think they can bypass it by using free domains. The truth is, if you are really serious about your own information business, you need to have a domain and hosting. Don’t use a FREE one…many customers will not trust you, and they’ll think you are not serious too.

5. Website design Software – This is the software that you’ll use to create your website. Don’t Panic…i am not talking about a website like or Jambonline etc. I am talking of simple websites that takes just 20-30 minutes to create even if you are a newbie. They are called Mini one page websites. If you can use Microsoft words, you can create these kinds of website. There are two softwares that are best for doing these, they are Microsoft Frontpage or NVU authoring tool.

For anyone in the world to see your website, it has to be hosted on the domain name and hosting. It is this website that you’ll use to sell your product. You can also use WordPress.

6. FTP Client – This is called a File Transfer protocol software. Its a software that is used to upload your website unto the internet i.e your domain name and hosting. A good one to use is

And there you go, once you have the above tools (most of them are free), you are ready to start your own information business. These tools are what all the top internet marketers in Nigeria use, and its same one that I’ll teach you to start using.

Even if you’ve never created an information product before, these tools will help you. Take your time, download these tools, play around with them… And guess what… are ready for your own information business.


  • Stella Ademola-Ojo

    Hi Adesoji,

    i just stumbled on your site a while ago and i must say that i am really impressed with all that i have read so far. I really feel this is the right time for me to start something on my own ‘cos i am tired of my job and i need more time for my children.

    meanwhile i have a few business ideas and blogging is one of them but i have not really done anything abt it. pls i’ll get in touch with you when i want to start fully and i just hope you will be willing to give me the necessary assistance.

    thanks once again. regards

    • Adesoji

      It’s good that you stumbled on my site. I’m glad for the decisions you have made. I’ll be here to give you the neccessary assistance when you are ready to start fully.

  • chukwuka

    yeah! this is my major strength and am always happy any time i hear bloggers talking about this. that shows it a never dying business. the blogosphare has so much diverted to blogging and other online business, leaving info marketing untouched but the truth remain that’s where the money lies.

    but the little drawbacks has been the autoresponder service. what your advice as to the best one to use?

    • Adesoji

      Don’t get it twisted, blogging is not an online business, it’s an online job. Most people are convienent doing that.

      I have used Aweber and GetResponse but I now use MailCliq. MailCliq is preferred.

  • babazak

    Good work.How i wish we have many of your type (credible infomarketers) around with quality write up.Keep it up!!!

  • Sunnyachor4u

    Nice work.thanks