UPDATE: Top Blogs in Nigeria and How they Make Money Online

I’ve been thinking of bringing up this list for some months but I’ve been so lazy, sorry, I mean I’ve been busy with other good things. The good thing is, I’ve been keeping an eye on these blogs since that day. In this post, you will find the list of the top blogs in Nigeria and how they make money online. Previously, this list contained the top 45 but now it’s been reduced to top 25

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These blogs are the most visited blog in Nigeria. The blogs are classified as top blogs based on the web traffic analytics offered by Alexa, the web information company. Alexa seems to be the only site that offers a compilation of top blogs. The other sites I could use to confirm the top blogs in Nigeria is Google Analytics or Technorati but I don’t have access to the blogs’ Google Analytics account and Technorati doesn’t rank based on country yet.

Before we get to the lists, please note that blogs don’t make money. It is what bloggers do with the blogs that makes them money online. Also, the amount of traffic a blog gets doesn’t determine how much money the blog makes online. It is how well the blogger can convert these huge traffic to more money. By the time you get to know how these blogs makes money online, you will what the blogger has been able to do so far.

These top blogs in Nigeria are part of the top 500 sites in Nigeria. I came up with the top 45 (now 25) blogs after taking time to go through the list. Please note, I didn’t include newspaper website, sports and job blogs. Here is the list of the top 45 blogs in Nigeria according to Alexa. These are what they are at the time of publishing this post. This post will be updated after changes is noticed with these blogs.

News & Entertainment Blogs

1. lindaikeji.blogspot .com (previously No. 1): Direct Adverts, Pay Per Click Adverts and Sponsored Posts
2. bellanaija .com (previously No. 3): Direct Adverts, Pay Per Click Adverts and Sponsored Posts
3. informationng .com (previously No. 2): Direct Adverts, Pay Per Click Adverts and Sponsored Posts
4. 360nobs .com (previously No. 7): Direct Adverts, Pay Per Click Adverts and Sponsored Posts
5. ladunliadi.blogspot .com (previously No. 4): Direct Adverts, Pay Per Click Adverts and Sponsored Posts
6. pulse .ng (previously No. 6): Direct Adverts and Pay Per Click Adverts
7. notjustok .com (previously No. 5): Direct Adverts, Pay Per Click Adverts and Sponsored Posts
8. thetrentonline .com (previously No. 23): Direct Adverts and Pay Per Click Adverts
9. thenet .ng (previously No. 12): Direct Adverts, Pay Per Click Adverts and Sponsored Posts
10. tooxclusive .com (previously No. 13): Direct Adverts, Pay Per Click Adverts and Sponsored Posts
11. ynaija .com (previously No. 11): Magazine, Trainings, Direct Adverts, Pay Per Click Adverts and Sponsored Posts
12. gistmania .com (previously No. 14): Direct Adverts, Pay Per Click Adverts and Sponsored Posts
13. naijaloaded .com .ng (previously No. 9): Direct Adverts, Sponsored Posts and Pay Per Click Adverts
14. lailasblog .com (previously No. 10): Direct Adverts, Pay Per Click Adverts and Sponsored Posts
15. olufamous .com (previously No. 8): Direct Adverts and Pay Per Click Adverts
16. misspetitenigeria.blogspot .com (previously No. 16): Direct Adverts and Pay Per Click Adverts
18. stelladimokokorkus .com (previously No. 15): Direct Adverts and Pay Per Click Adverts
19. jaguda .com (previously No. 17): Direct Adverts and Pay Per Click Adverts
20. pakurumo .com (previously No. 25): Direct Adverts, Pay Per Click Adverts and Sponsored Posts
21. naijauncut .com (previously No. 32): Pay Per Click Adverts
22. tiwasblog .com (previously No. 31): Pay Per Click Adverts
23. liveofofo .com (previously No. 16): Pay Per Click Adverts
24. kemifilani .com (previously No. 28): Direct Adverts and Pay Per Click Adverts
25. talkofnaija .com (previously No. 30): Direct Adverts, Pay Per Click Adverts and Sponsored Posts

Technology Blog
17. techcabal .com (previously No. 20): Pay Per Click Adverts, Direct Ads, Sponsored posts

The 25th blog in Nigeria is the 235th site in Nigeria.

*Disclaimer: How these blogs makes money online is what I perceived based on my visit to the top blogs in Nigeria over time. If there are other ways they make money online and which is not listed, then the blog owners owns the sole right to reveal them.

UPDATED: 19th May, 2014

  • https://internetlifestyleincome.com/prediction Ademiluyi Adegboyega

    This goes to show that there is a proven model that one has to implement to be able to make money online irrespective of what your blog is all about. Though most blogs ranking are gossip and entertainment, this shows that we always love been entertained.

    Keep up the good work…

  • samuel nssien

    you did it very well am really encouraged!!!!!!

  • https://myviralbusiness.com/ Lewis Iyaogeh

    This is a well thought list…

    I just bookmark your site and will keep checking back

    I think the top 20 blog keep dominating because they all blog about celebrity and entertainment news and majority of Nigerians are strong followers of political and entertainment news… These blogs mostly record very low bounce rate as the site visitor are ready to spend all day on a site reading some negative news…

    I love your blog spam filter plugin.. I will appreciate if you can avail me the link to have this installed on all my four blogs…

    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji

      Thanks for the bookmark.

      You are right about that. Entertainment & news is the number one thing in Nigeria.

      I use Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin. You can find it via the plugin folder on WordPress

  • https://www.mfoto.yolasite.com Muyiwa

    Dear Adesoji,
    Nice to read your very revealing and informative write up.

    By the way, I am about teaching Free online Digital Photography courses and I intend doing it by blogging.

    There are many platforms but can you please suggest a few that are user friendly?

    Thank you

  • Danaty

    Nigerians are really doing well online. Its quite an encouragement for we who are coming up.

  • https://www.kelvinwealth.com Kelvin

    Wow… great list you have compiled here Adesoji…. Really entertainment blogs can hardly be beaten when it comes to ranking as far as Nigeria is concerned… It’s not impossible though….

    I’m coming soon to be on the list….

    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji

      Good one Kelvin, hoping to see you on the list in my upcoming updates

  • https://ajetun.blogspot.com/ ajetun

    you didn’t list my blog [ajetun blog], i have better ads on my blog..got the deals through connection though

    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji

      so you think the blogs here are listed because of their ads?

    • https://www.shoparazza.com Emmanuel

      Ajetun, I suggest you buy real domain and move from the current blogger subdomain. And… it’s not the number of ads that determine a good blog but what value it actually adds to its audience.

      Nice post Adesoji.

  • https://www.247naijagossip.com leye

    Nice one you have here, but are you sure about 247naijagossip’s ranking? I have the banner of this site on my blog and a reader called my attention to it. I remember the last time i checked, it was in no 30, but now 44… Hmm, anyway, it’s cool to be on the list…. Great job.

  • https://www.stevenbergy.com.ng Ayoola Ayobami

    I really like this list and I hope my Technology Blog (Stevenbergy) will be a blog to mention some day.. Keep it up Bro

  • https://www.akaahanterungwa.com Terungwa

    Nice one, Ade. I’m pretty sure my two blogs will make it to your next update. I must repeat, great job!

  • https://www.lordbnf.com Olili Bob

    Nice list boss, i always wait,work and pray towards getting to top 50 in nigeria. Entertainment blogs sha, they always find a way to rank higher.

    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji

      Good thing. You can get there.

      Yes, entertainment blogs. I guess Nigerians loves to be entertained with gossip etc

  • https://www.ogbongeblog.com Jide Ogunsanya

    Nice to be on the list. My blog still have a long way to go to be in the top 10. Not easy competing with the entertainment blogs oo

    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji

      Yes boss. I think you can.

      I keep wondering why the entertainment blogs publish the same thing and yet they get good ranking.

  • https://www.nairacoded.com/ jaunty

    This is a nice list. Tech bloggers are few though

    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji

      Thanks. Yes, they are. Only few of them really target Nigerians i.e. publish posts that are more useful to the Nigerian market

  • https://www.bloggingfoundation.com prince

    Nice one sir, you really took time to analyze their alexa ranking and status thanks taking your time to present us this awesome post keep it up bro

    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji

      Thanks. I appreciate.

  • https://www.ebimablog.com/ Ige eima

    Waoooo,so many blogs i have never heard of,congrats to them anyway,hope to be among them soon.

    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji

      Ooops. Never heard of so many of them? I guess that’s because most of them are entertainment blogs.

      I hope you’ll work at becoming part of them soon.

  • https://www.motivated2success.blog.com Victor Igbokwe

    Powerful and comprehensive.

  • victor

    i hope to get positive result by my fist time visit

  • https://www.jarushub.com Jarus

    Hi Soji,

    Good job with your compilation.

    I strongly believe my blog (jarushub), will make it to Top 10 blogs in Nigeria, and Nigeria’s number 1 career blog very soon. I floated it 3 months ago and it is very promising.


    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji Adegbulu

      Good believe.

      I hope you’ll work it out

  • https://www.internetinvestmentideas.com Oluwayomi Obadina

    It is nice to have this post delivered here. Wonderful list of blogs, most of the blogs in the top 30 all have a lot in common and this might be because they all blog about celebrity and entertainment news.
    The list is worth exploring for personal benefits.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji Adegbulu

      Good one Yomi. They have lots in common and that’s why their monetization model is somewhat the same. Glad you like it