Top Ten Dont’s in Starting a Business in Nigeria

To start a business, there are several things you don’t need to do to starting a business in Nigeria successfully. Out of those several things you should never do, I am bringing you the top ten dont’s in starting a business. These are things you need to know and do if you want to start and run a successful business. These would help you to avoid wasting your time on unnecessary things


Top Ten Dont’s in Starting a Business in Nigeria

1. Don’t quit your job before you have concrete start-up plans for your business.
2. Don’t start a business in a field you do not enjoy or you don’t know anything about.
3. Don’t take risk without first considering your liabilities and your assets for the business.
4. Don’t compete with big companies. Compete with yourself and your business goals.
5. Don’t be in a hurry to select a business. Take time to find out the right business opportunity for you.
6. Don’t select a business because people told you it’s lucrative.
7. Don’t operate a business in which you can’t employ others to work with you.
8. Don’t neglect to learn the disadvantages of your intended business.
9. Don’t permit entrepreneurial self-confidence to outweigh careful diligence in starting a business in Nigeria.
10. Don’t allow the promise of a high reward to deter you from the reality of starting a business in Nigeria.

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Originally posted 2014-02-20 18:00:35.