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10 Successful Tips For Generating Traffic to your Blog

It’s not an overstatement to say traffic is everything for bloggers. If you have a blog and it lacks traffic, your blog is as good as dead. It works everywhere. Whenever their is a huge traffic, sales jum up and more money flows into the pocket of those made good use of the traffic. In simple terms, you need traffic to succeed as a blogger.

Part 2: How to Generate Consistent Traffic to Your Blog

In the first part of this post on All You Need to Know and Do to Generate Consistent Traffic to Your Blog, I showed extensively two things you need to do and start getting the required traffic to your blog. You should go and read it if you have not or you have forgotten what the first part contains. If you really want to generate consistent traffic to your blog,

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3 Simple Ways to Optimize Images in WordPress

One of method used to improve search engine rankings of blogs is to optimize images in your WordPress. This means, for every image you use in your WordPress, you will need to optimize them. This is so that the images can get you more traffic/visit from search engines and/or social media sites.

Viral Facebook Profits

This is the complete system for free viral Facebook traffic. Free viral traffic translates to free Facebook profits. In this system you will discover how to get huge amounts of free traffic, virtually on auto-pilot. This system includes four different modules, which cover every aspect of traffic generation. There is nothing missed with this system. It’s being tried and tested and it works.

How to Write a Great Advert that Get Signups

A good advert that get signups needs a good subject line that will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to know more. When a headline makes you curious, do you read it? You can cause curiosity by asking questions such as “Have you heard?” or “What’s this?”, etc. You can use negative subject lines like “You just lost money”, or “Stop being fooled”, etc. Negative lines work because

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Traffic Generation: Good Products vs Good Marketing

Out of the many ways through which one can generate traffic to one’s site, good products and good marketing plays a vital role. Some internet marketers depend on their good products to sell themselves while others depend on good marketing to sell their products well. The truth is, good marketing is most effective when paired with good content and good products. In the absence of those things, good marketing is

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