3 Ways to Treat your Customers and Grow your Business

Happy customers will always come back to buy from you. In fact, they will tell more people about you. You need to learn how to treat your customers right if you really want to grow your business online. In this guest post, you will find 3 easy ways to do that effectively.

grow-your-businessI walked to the shopping mall last week and bought some t-shirts (I think about, 5). When I was about going out of the mall, I slipped and fell on the floor. Thinking I’ve passed on and I’m in ‘planet heaven’, the attendant quickly picked me up and offered me a cup of water.

He also gave me a T- shirt (as compensation) for me falling down. I was so amazed at his attitude towards me that I left the mall, so fulfilled.

Where do you think I’ll go to if I need to change my wardrobe? The shopping mall, right?

The same goes for you. Your customers are the reason you are still in business. They are your assets. They are the lifeline of your business. Treat them well.

So, do you want more happy customers who will buy from you and tell more people about you?

1. Treat them well.

Show your customers that you care.

Treat them as if you belong to the same family. Develop a close relationship with them by giving them your contact details. Tell them to call you in case; they are faced with a problem.

Treat them such that, anytime they are faced with challenges, they know that someone (you) is out there, watching their backs.

Pro Tip: The key to building a long-lasting business is by caring for your customers.

2. Respect them

No matter how small or old your customers are, treat them the same way you’ll treat your older ones at home. Sometimes, your attitude matters.

Don’t talk to a customer anyhow. No matter how bad or offensive they may seem to be, tolerate them.

4 months ago, I went to a friend’s shop and I was so pissed off with the way the attendant responded to a customer. I felt like slapping that employee. He was so arrogant and rude that the customer (an old man) laid a curse on him.

Don’t run your business this way. If you have employees working under you, train them to be ‘customer conscious’. Train them to care for customers.

Pro Tip: Never employ a rude staff. You may have yourself to blame on the long run

3. Respond quickly.

Anytime a customer sends you a mail (asking about something related to your product or service) try to respond in at least, in 24 hours. Don’t keep them waiting and don’t give unnecessary excuses for your delay.

Train yourself to reply to questions.  That way, they will see you as a responsible and reliable person.

4. Be accessible…

Don’t let your customers travel to ‘planet Jupiter’ before they can see you. Be accessible. Give out your contact information to all your customers and encourage them to visit or give you a call anytime they have any issue or questions.

Pro Tip: Build credibility. Show that you are reliable. You’ll keep your customers this way.

What do you think?

This is all common sense but common sense is not common. Is it?

It really does not cost you anything to treat customers well. If you find treating customers a difficult thing to do, then don’t start a business (my opinion).

Are you treating your customers well?

If you’re not, why? Let me know what you think in the comment section.

This is a guest post by Daniel.

Originally posted 2012-12-10 17:24:53.