3 Proven Ways to Triple Your Online Income

Making money online is real. The truth is, so many people make real money online. The only difference is the volume of income people make. Some makes a three figure income monthly while some make up to six figures every month. No matter where you fit in to. The best you can do is to continually work hard and smart so as to increase your online income.

In this post, I will show and explain to you three proven ways to triple your online income. I stated ‘Proven’ not because someone tried it and it worked. I am showing you what I have tried and which works for me. I used the same proven ways to increase my online income every month I use them. You too can use them to triple your online income. The only thing is that it would work for you but it might not generate the same result as it did for me. Yours might be either higher than mine or lower than mine.

So what are the three proven ways?

They are as follows;
#1. Get More Customers
#2. Sell More Stuff To Existing Customers
#3. Increase Frequency Of Purchase of what you offer

Of a truth, you can’t earn anything real online if you don’t have a real product to offer or service to render already. Before you start disturbing yourself on how to triple your income, you MUST first start getting income from what you offer. If you don’t have anything to offer, you should go ahead and find that out before doing what will be stated in this post. It’s simple as easy mathematics. Zero x Three = Zero. Get something real started first.

Are you confused on what to offer so that you can start earning real money online? If yes, I can help you out. I will take you through some series of questions and answers that would help you discover what you can offer for money. To get this done, simply send me a mail using the contact form on the contact us page. And I would get back to you. And if you know what you have to offer, please read ahead.

#1. Get More Customers

The aim of business (online or offline) is not to make profit but to continually increase a business customer base. The more the customers you have for your business, the more money you make. To triple your online income, you must work hard and smart to get more customers for your products and services.

Customers in this sense can be likened to the amount of converted traffic you get to your site/blog. The first thing is, get massive traffic to your blog and the second thing is to convert those traffic to paying customers. In order not to sound repetitive, please read how you can generate massive traffic to your blog, products or services and how to convert those traffic to paying customers.

#2. Sell More Stuff To Existing Customers

It is easier for your existing customer to buy from you than a new customer. This is because, your existing customer has bough something from you before. He/she trusts you and would gladly by more things from you. The same thing works for you. Ask yourself why you keep going to that shop to buy something. It’s simply because you have made a good purchase there before.

As you are getting more new customers, you should sell more good stuff to your existing customers. For example, I got customers to buy some tools from me. After they bought the tools, I made another offer to them. This offer was designed to help them use the tools. I got more sales. With this, it means one customer can keep buying more things from you. Imagine if you have more customers and you keep selling more good stuff to them.

Don’t be afraid of selling more good stuffs to your existing customers. They would buy from you. A warning is don’t over sell. Sell only when appropriate. Sell only what people need. You can’t keep selling over and over again and expect your customers to still stay with you.

#3. Increase Frequency Of Purchase of what you offer.

To crown the proven ways, you need to increase the frequency of purchase of the things you offer. You do this by offering ONLY what people need. For example, let’s say you sell blank books, you should also sell pens to the people that buys the book. This is because they would need a pen to write in the book they buy. This is how to increase the frequency at which people buy what you offer.

While doing the three proven ways consistently, you would find out that your online income is increasing overtime. This is how to triple your online income. If you are not increasing your online income, your online business is as good as dead. You should act on the proven ways so as to increase your online income starting today. Get more customers, sell more to your existing customers and increase the frequency of your customers purchase.


Originally posted 2011-11-24 08:00:48.