The True Law of Wealth

It’s not a wrong thing to desire to be wealthy. Of a truth, if you don’t desire financial wealth then you should not have been created. I can’t over emphasis this but I’m so sure you know what you would have achieved if you are wealthy. If your desire is for wealth, be glad that you will find out the true law of wealth. Please, put aside anything you might have known regarding wealth and let’s take a short journey into what I have for you today.

wealthThe true law of wealth is simple but before I reveal more about it, I need to establish some things. This is because I realize that so many of us have tried one thing or the other so as to get wealthy. You have done all you were asked to do and after spending years doing the same thing, you haven’t had any difference. Anyway, this might have been caused by you or what you are told to do.

Here, this is a law you are about to know. Please note, what makes anything a law is that it is 100% accurate. Taking the law of the universe as an example. The law states that there are 24 hours in a day. It has been that way before you and I can into being. It would still be like that after we are no more that is if Jesus tarries.

So, in simple terms, the true law of wealth says that if you want to be wealthy, then you must affect millions of life directly or indirectly. This means that the more lives you affect directly or indirectly, the richer you will become. Affect hundreds and make hundreds. Affect thousands and make thousands. Affect millions and make millions. Affect billions and make billions.

The Wealthiest People on Earth

If you search for the list of the wealthiest people on earth, you would find out that they are affecting (or have affected) millions of life. The truth is, you too can if you start today. If you truly want to be wealthy, it’s time to stop wishing and start acting. Focus on affecting more people every single day of your life. Focus on adding value to the lives of different people everyday.

To state this Mathematically,

True Wealth = Price of Value x Frequency of Value.

Price of value means the price or amount of money people would pay to make use of the value you offer while frequency of value means the number of people that make use of the value you offer.

So, to get wealthy in millions (i.e. to become a millionaire), make sure that you are either offering values of high price (price of value) or millions of people are making use of the value you offer.

Example of high price of value

You are a real estate agent and you provide a N 50, 000 worth (in profit) of shops in one building. If the building has 20 shops and you were able to provide value to 20 people in 1 month, you have simply made a profit of N 50,000 X 20 = N 1,000,000 (One million Naira) in 1 month.

Example of high frequency of value

You wrote a book that solves a problem millions of people are facing. And because people are in need of the information contained in the book, you were able to sell 10,000 copies in 3 months. Let’s say your profit on one copy of the book is N 500. You have simply made a profit of N 5, 000, 000 (5 Million Naira) in 3 months.

To get wealthy in billions (i.e. to become a billionaire), make sure that you are both offering values of high price (price of value) and that millions of people are making use of the value you offer.

For example, this can mean that you offer a teaching course that solves a problem millions of people are facing. And because people are in need of the training, you were able to register 20,000 people in four month (5,000 per month). Let’s the teaching/training course costs N 100, 000 per person, you have simply made a profit of N 2, 000, 000, 000 (Two Billion Naira) in 4 months.

Please note, if you are thinking in your mind that all the example I have showed above are not possible, then I would simply tell you that you are not ready to get wealthy. Impossible is Nothing to the wealthy. The truth is, there are people in Nigeria that fits in into the examples I have stated above.

In conclusion, you won’t get wealthy if you have no value to offer and if you do not have people that you are affecting directly or indirectly with the value you offer. Also note, if you are set to make the true law of wealth work for you, then you MUST get to work after you leave this page. If won’t look like it at the start, but after a while, it would start looking like it.


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    Nice post. It was really toching and educative.

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      Yup. Have you acted on it?

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