How to Turn Domain Names into Naira for Massive Profits

The information contained in this post is strictly for those who wants to start an online business in the domain selling/flipping niche. You will learn how to turn Domain Names into Naira. If you are already looking for how to, be glad that you have found a resource that will answer your question and put an end to your search. If you are looking for an online business to do, you can also learn from the information here and then go all out to start turning domain names into Naira.

Most people refer to this type of online business as Internet Real Estate. This is simply because the internet is always booming and there are people who wants to take part in the boom. The first way people can take part in the boom is to have their own domain names and a professional blog/website. The truth is more business are still coming online. You need to take this internet real estate business seriously if you really want to go for it. In a little while from now, you will get informed about what to do to start turning domains into Naira and how to get those domain names.

To get started, these are the first four things you need to do and invest your time and money in


Domain Registration

This is the first thing you need to do. You can’t sell what you don’t have access to. You will need to first register several domain names that people will want to readily buy later. Don’t just stock up useless domain names. Take time out to search and register good domain names that will bring you more profit and not a great loss.


Domain Parking

After registering the domain names, the next thing you need to do is to park them. The reason for doing this is simple. You would want to start making money from the domain names before you finally see a buyer. Also, it is of no use just registering the domain name and do nothing about it. The truth is, if you don’t park the domain yourself, the company you registered the domain name with will park your domain and they would make money from your domain.

The easier way to make money from your registered and packed domain is to use Google Adsense for Domains. This is the best choice I would offer to you. If you have Google Adsense, good for you. If you don’t have Google Adsense, you can make use of mine so I can make money from your parked domain … lol. To know how to park your registered domain name, please read:


Domain Flipping

If you don’t have Google Adsense, then this is the next thing to do after registering the domain names. If you have Google Adsense, you should also do this. This is because earnings from Google Adsense for domains might take time but eanings from domain flipping can be instant. Once you get the domain registered, parked or not, go to popular domain flipping sites and offer the domains for sale. Make sure you don’t make them too expensive, your price should be determined by how much traffic the domain name has the potential of getting. You will surely get buyers from the domain flipping sites. Also, if you have a blog, you can start informing your present and future readers that you have domains for sell.


Domain Building

In situations whereby you find out that you can do something with the domain name even before you finally offer it for sale, you can turn the domain name into a blog/website, community/membership site, sales page, lead capture page, etc. By domain building, you can get a web hosting account in addition to the domain name and then start a blog/website, community/membership site, sales page, lead capture page, etc in accordance with the domain name. This is a great step to follow. There are so many people who do this.

They buy a domain name, get a web hosting account, build the blog/website, community/membership site, sales page, lead capture page, etc with great contents, traffic, future expansion potentials, buzz from people on the internet and the offer the blog/website, community/membership site, sales page, lead capture page, etc for sale within 6 months, 12 months or 18 months. You too can do the same if you’ve got the flair and passion to build a successful blog around the domain name you registered. The good thing about this is that, you would be making a lot of money from adsense, products and services (whether affiliates or yours), ebooks, direct and indirect ads etc even before you finally sell the blog/website, community/membership site, sales page, lead capture page, etc. On top of this, you would be selling the blog/website, community/membership site, sales page, lead capture page, etc for a huge amount of money.

In conclusion, the most important part of this information is how to get good or great domain names registered. If you get this wrong, no amount of what you do with the information above will make you have massive profit. If you get it right, then you are set to make massive profit if you go ahead with the information above after getting the good domain names.