How to Turn Google Adsense Custom Channel into an Ad Placement

To increase your Adsense earnings, one of the things you need to do is to turn your Google Adsense Custom Channel into an Ad Placements. If you don’t know what Custom Channels is, you should read our earlier post on the Benefits of Creating Adsense Channels and after you do, make sure you come back to this post so that you can get full details


So How Do You Turn Your Google Adsense Custom Channel into Ad Placement

When you make a custom channel into an ad placement that’s targetable by advertisers, they will see the ad placement you defined among the available places on which to place their ads. You can make a custom channel into an ad placement by following these steps:

1. Log into your account at

2. Under the AdSense Setup tab, visit the Channels page.

3. Choose the appropriate product sub-tab and make sure you’ve selected custom channels.

4. Click the radio button next to the channel you’d like to make targetable, then click the corresponding ‘edit settings’ link.

5. Click the checkbox marked Show this channel to advertisers as an ad placement and enter a description for your channel. Keep in mind that advertisers will see the name and description, so you want to provide something accurate and informative that will represent your site well.

6. Click ‘Save channel’.

New AdSense Custom Channel Interface
New AdSense Custom Channel Interface

Keep in mind that if you have a custom channel that spans multiple sites, advertisers will see it split up into multiple ad placements by site. Also, be aware that should you edit the name of the channel in the future, you’ll lose any existing advertiser bids for that channel.

Source: Google AdSense

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