How to Turn Off Facebook Auto-Play Video Ads to Save Your Phone Data

Facebook will be deploying Auto-play ads soon. It is going to be available in the Facebook mobile app and desktop. One thing is that, the video ads are set to auto-play. That is the default settings. You will need to turn off Facebook auto-play video ads if you want to save your phone data. You will find out how to do that in this post.

But the truth is, you can’t actually turn off the Facebook auto-play ads. What you can do however is prevent them from playing over your mobile network. In other words, you will need to make the videos only download via Wi-Fi and also opt-out of letting them auto-play on your handset.

To Turn Off Facebook Auto-Play Video Ads

On iOS

Go to Settings -> Facebook -> Facebook Settings -> ‘Auto-Play videos on WiFi only’

On Android
Go to Facebook -> swipe right to the options pane -> App Settings -> ‘Auto-play videos on WiFi only’

Here is how it looks like on iOS and Android.

The benfit of this is that you will save your phone data from being consumed by stuffs you don’t really need on the auto-play video ads.

Image and post inspired by WhatLeyDude