Benefits of Twitter Retargeting

Twitter Retargeting with tailored audiences is a new way to advertise using customer intent data. For the first time ever, advertisers can re-engage site visitors on Twitter, desktop and mobile, using a Promoted Account or 140-character Promoted Tweet.

Twitter Retargeting works the same as standard web or Facebook retargeting. If a visitor comes to your site to learn about your products, but leaves before purchasing, AdRoll can display a Promoted Tweet or Promoted Account the next time they check Twitter. This helps bring prospective customers back to your site, or gets them to follow your page, and keeps you top of mind.

Benefits of Twitter Retargeting

1. 76% of Twitter’s monthly active users access the platform on mobile devices. Re-engage potential customers both at their computers or on-the-go with their phones and tablets.

2. Maximize return on investment from retargeting campaigns with advanced targeting and performance optimization techniques.

3. Easily manage campaigns across leading display platfroms and exchances like Facebook, Google and AppNexus, all from one integrated retargeting solution.

4. Expand your campaign across desktop and mobile with retargeting for Facebook, Twitter, and mobile web.

5. Get complete pricing and reporting transparency for your campaigns.

6. Maximize results with support from one of the industry’s most experience retargeting teams.


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