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Get Unlimited Free Calls to Co-workers, Family and Friends on Glo Mobile

Do you know that you can make unlimited free calls to your coworkers, family and friends 24 hours a day, any day and anytime? Globacom offers a plan which allows you to call any GSM network at Glo’s cheapest contract line rates. But that is not all. This plan have an extra Closed User Group (CUG) feature activated on it. This feature allows you make FREE calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to friends, family and co-workers that have also joined the CUG plans from anywhere in the country.


This means that the plan combines the cheap call rates of a contract line with the unlimited FREE calls of the CUG to help you crash your call costs dramatically.


Unlimited Free Calls


Who is this Plan Suitable for?

It is suitable for;

* Individuals that want to Reduce the distance between them and their relatives, spouses, friends and co-workers ensuring that they talk for FREE as much as they want despite the distance. Organizations with multiple branches scattered across the country

* Organizations that need to communicate with their field workers, marketers and operations personnel’s e.g. ISPs, Event Managers, Logistic Companies, Oil and Gas Workers, Courier Companies, Insurance, Banks, Churches, NGOs, Transport Workers and other small businesses

* Business owners that wants to keep in touch with their office or shop FREE 24hrs a day from anywhere in the country

* Organizations that wants Free communication between multiple branches located anywhere in the country

* Project Managers that want their project team members to collaborate on projects that span multiple locations e.g. keeping track of progress on multiple projects.

* GSM subscribers who want to reduce the amount they spend on phone calls considerably.


What the Benefits?

Other Networks currently offering a similar service restricts your FREE CALLS to just the network of people in your office alone. However, when you join the Glo-CUG Classic or Premium plan you can also introduce your family, friends and loved ones wherever they are in the country and CALL them FREE 24hrs a day.

With the premium plan, you get :

* Unlimited FREE CALLS between Glo-CUG Premium plan subscribers Nationwide 24hrs a day, 7 days a week

* No Credit Limit

* Low Glo-CUG monthly rental of N1,000

* No need to go to bank, just make your payments with recharge cards

* Realtime account balance checking

* Instantaneous account recharge, just like pre-paid

* Hiding your number while calling allowed.

* International Direct Dialing i.e. ability to make international calls

With the Glo-CUG Classic plan, you get :

* Unlimited FREE CALLS and FREE SMS between Callredux Glo-CUG subscribers Nationwide 24hrs a day, 7 days a week

* Call other GSM networks for as low as half the normal price (Enjoy per second billing)

* Activate the service on your existing mobile number if you have a Glo line or get a new line if you want. You don’t need to change your number or carry a new phone, the choice is totally yours.

* No need to go to bank, just make your payments with recharge cards

* Credit Limit of N500

* International Direct Dialing i.e. ability to make international calls

How Much Does it Cost?

Buy a Glo-Line today and start enjoying the following benefits for just N 5, 500;

- Unlimited Glo to Glo FREE calls between other subscribers nationwide 24hrs a day, 7 days a week (Anytime, Everyday)

- No restrictions, you can join alone or in a group and signup unlimited family, friends and co-workers on the Glo CUG nationwide and make FREE calls to them

- Call any other GSM Networks gfor Globacom’s best contract line rates

- Pay your monthly rental fee and recharge by loading Glo recharge cards

For more Information, please call Yomi on 0805-038-4840 (Let her know you got the information about unlimited free calls from Soji.)


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