How to Unlock your 3G Internet Modem

Are you using a 3G modem that has been locked and you will like to be using it with any other SIM card of other networks? Well, you can easily unlock it and turn it to a Universal 3G Modem. Further in this post, you will read about all you need to know, how you can unlock and how you can get the unlocking softwares.

Most 3G modems including MTN Fastlink, Glo 3G Dongle, Zain Data card are all locked to the network of their providers. This really sucks… If for example you are using MTN Fastlink modem and there is network problem, you will not be able to access the internet at all because you will not be able to use any other SIM card with your modem.

With many softwares out there, you can now unlock your 3G modem, which eventually turns it to a Universal modem. This will enable you to use the modem with any network you want, hence, it will save you the headache of thinking of how to get money to buy modems of other internet providers. If you want to be making money unlocking modems phones and modems for people, then, you can any of the Modem unlocker but if you just want to unlock your own modem, you can do this also.

So, How Do you Unlock?

Whenever you want to unlock any modem, just input the IMEI number of the modem into the IMEI tab on the software and then click on ‘calculate code’. It will automatically generate the ‘Unlock Code’ and ‘Flash Code’. Copy the 8 digit unlock code on a notepad. The next thing to do is, insert any other network SIM card e.g. Etisalat SIM into your modem e.g. MTN modem, and plug in your modem into your PC USB port.

You will be asked to enter your unlock code simply because you are using a different SIM from the modem. Enter the unlock code that was generated by the Huawei Modem Unlocker and your modem will be unlocked automatically.

To browse the internet with that different SIM e.g Etisalat SIM on MTN modem, you will need to create a profile for Etisalat internet settings on your MTN modem. To do this, click on ‘Tools’, followed by ‘Options’, then click on ‘Profile management’ and click on ‘New’. Input the Etisalat internet settings as written below.

Profile Name: Etisalat

APN: etisalat
Access Number: *99#
User Name and Password: You can leave them blank (empty)

After typing in the settings above, click on ‘save’ or ‘ok’. Go back to the initial page that comes up when you click on the modem icon on your PC desktop. Select the name you used in saving the Etisalat settings, then click on connect. You should be browSing with your Etisalat SIMon MTN modem now.

Please note, the description above is not for you to browse for free! You will need to load your SIM card with enough credit before you can successfully browse the internet. Also note that you don’t need internet connections to unlock modems.

These are the settings for othe GSM networks.

Profile Name: GLO

Access Number: *99#
APN: glogwap OR glosecure
PASSWORD: wap OR gprs
USERNAME: wap OR gprs

Profile Name: MTN

Access Number: *99#

Profile Name: Airtel

Access Number: *99#
User Name: internet
Password: internet

Once again, the settings above are used for normal network operation, they are not free browsing settings or codes. What I am after here is to ensure your Hauwei USB modem either MTN, GLO, ETISALAT or ZAIN browses with any other network.

Please note: To use another SIM on another modem e.g. using MTN SIM on GLO Modem, you would need to load the SIM with enough credit on your mobile phone before inserting it into the Modem. After you do that, you can subscribe for any data plan you want to use.

To know which data plan and what code to use, please go through the link below;

For MTN -

For GLO -

If you want me to help you unlock your 3G internet modem, please use the comment form provided further below. If you do not use the comment form on my blog (, I might not be able to do it for you.


Originally posted 2011-09-19 13:00:06.

  • James Douglas

    What of glo netpro modem

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      What do you want to do with it?

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    Hi, please help me with my MTN modem unlock code. My IMEI is 86060400496907. Model is 173u-1. S/N is XVA4CA1161326956

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    bro here is my modem imei 861424010564722 and EAN6934933014114 model; MF631

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    Aderemmy..plz help mi on dis modem..IMEI 357133038741078 to get d unlock code.

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    Please help me find unlocking code for Etisalat Huawei Modem

    IMEI: 861195002520860

    Many Thanks.

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    Pls help with
    MTN E303

    • OPEN SKY

      Here is your unlock code 50380144

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    Please my brother can you help mi with my airtel modem? it has been giving me headache. it is huawei E173 . the IMEI is 867749015461423. i will really appreciate it lyk mad. thanks bro

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      UNLOCK CODE : 65650314

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    hi adesoji… your doing a nice work here! keep it up.
    pls kindly help me my IMEI IS 357133038907869


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    MODEL; MF190

    MODEL: E173


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      What type of modems are these?

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    goodmorning, this is my mtn fastlink modem E303 IMEI 868988012077043, pls help me with the data unlock code

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      Hi Bisola,

      E303 is not on the list of modem i stated I can unlock. However, there is a way to unlock it. It costs more

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      You can’t make your multilinks modem universal. It only allows for multilinks sim

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          Get a better modem

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      Your unlock code is 53926571

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    My brother mtn network is very bad here I cant access my box unless with my phone. This’s the most reason I want 2crack this damn modem. Pls can u generate de code urself and send 2me? am waitin. Thanx, Tarie!

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      oops… your modem series is not on the list so it would have to be auto-detected.

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    The 12digits code isn’t workin either. I realized the ok button is only ready when a 16digits code is inputed. Pls help I’ll send the voucher, I promise. Tarie!

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      Hello Tarie… Please check your email address. Let me know when you unlock it.

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    The 8 digits code is not workin when I tried, wrong code and invalid sim were the error messages I received, am now left with 3 chances out of 5 that they gave me. Someone suggested a 12 digits code. Pls my brother do somethin am confused!

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      oh ok… this is it 400934480228. You owe me on this. Try it and if it works, you should send some voucher to 08069049993. :)

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    IMEI: 357534044425566 MODEL: MTN F@stLink ZTE MF 190 HSUPA. Please bros help me generate the unlock code. God bless!

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      Your Unlock Code : 56809579

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    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      @John… Did you get the Glo settings right? And what error message are you getting?

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      @Idris…. You will get it whenever you are ready

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    U can send it to my e-mail([email protected]) or Phone(08056368807).
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      @Abayomi… Your unlock code is 44131555. Thanks for believing in me… Regards

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      @Mudlawater…. This is your unlock code… 65305135

      Use it well and tell more people about this information

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      @ Jewel… If your Multilinks Modem is Hauwei and it has 15 digit IMEI number, then I can unlock it.

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        @Jewel…. Your unlock code is 57307870

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          Nice… I’m not really used to Multilinks Modem. You can find someone around who might help you out. Please don’t spoil your modem

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