Deal Alert: USB Mobile Phone Connector Set

You can get your own USB Mobile Phone Connector today or within the next 3 days with just ₦645 instead of ₦1, 500. This offer ends on the 27th of November, 2013. The USB connector set is designed to link mobile phones to laptops and PC’s and is compatible with Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Motorola and Sony Ericsson style connectors.

It is perfect for transferring data from phone to computer and also for charging. Each individual pack contains 6 pieces.


Highlights of the USB Mobile Phone Connector

- USB Mobile Phone Connector Set – 6 Piece
- Samsung Style
- Sony ericsson style
- Nokia style
- Blackberry style + Motorola style & digital camera
- Retractable USB Cable Extended Length

To make use of this deal, please do the following.

1. Go to DealDey
2. Signup with DealDey if you don’t have an account already
3. Search for this deal using “USB Mobile Phone Connector Set – 6 Piece”
4. Click on the result to see more details.
5. Make purchase appropriately.

The USB Mobile Phone Connector Set – 6 Piece will be sent to your address as soon as your payment is confirmed.