How to Make Money from VCASH Mobile Money Payment Solution

VCASH is an online mobile money payment solution regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria. VTN (Virtual Terminal Networks), makers of VCASH has been in the mobile/internet money business since 2003. This is years before the cashless society started and adopted by banks. You can take up the opportunity to become a VCASH Agent.

VCASH Mobile Payment Solution

With VCASH you can;
- send money to other people through phones or through the web
- pay for goods and services conveniently without spending hours going to the bank
- make or receive payments 24/7/365 any time of the day including bank holidays
- redeem digitized money for traditional cash through VCASH master agents
- deposit money into your virtual account
- buy GSM recharge cards

To make money from VCASH Mobile money payment solution, you would need to become and get a VCASH Agent Training & Licensing opportunity.


Who is a VCASH Master Agent?

A VCASH master agent is an individual or a corporation that has registered online to offer VCASH’s financial services to the general public. VCASH agencies are located in neighborhoods and roadside shops/offices to make VCASH services available, and allow people in their communities to enjoy all the benefits of VCASH

VCASH agents help new customers open VCASH accounts, fund them, transfer money and also make payments or withdrawals. VCASH master agents are like “mini-financial services markets” – a retail footprint for the trend towards branch-less banking services in Nigeria.


Who can be a VCASH Master agent?

- Anybody who has an existing business which is open to the public.
- Anybody willing to establish a new business open to the public.
- Anybody willing to learn and understand the system, and who is able to meet financial requirements is fit to become a VCASH Master agent.

Category of existing businesses:
Gas Stations
Food Chains

These are just a few examples.


The Need for VTN Master Agents

Mobile payment agents are the main actors for any successful mobile payment deployment. Nigeria will require a minimum of 60,000 agents to cover the 36 states and 744 local governments in order to seamlessly provide this service. With only 18 million Bank accounts and 75 million Mobile Phone subscribers (in 2012), Nigeria is poised to become Africa’s biggest Mobile Money market.


How to Become a VCASH Master Agent

- Open a free master agent account at VTN’s VCASH Website
Click on register, choose AGENT account and complete the form.
- Participate in online training and take the online certification test.
- After passing the online test, attend a physical onsite training convenient to your schedule and location. There is a fee attached to this.
- After this face-to-face training, you will receive a certificate and a license.
- As an official VCASH Master agent, you can now start your VCASH agency business.

You need to become a VCASH master agent as soon as possible so you can be in the position to take a large share of the coming mobile money or mobile payment revolution coming. You will not only be trained, you will be listed on the list of VCASH agents nationwide and you will be well recognized. This is a goldmine for you to make lasting income.


How Much Do I Need to Start a VCASH Master agency Business?

To become a VCASH master agent, you will need;
- to deposit either N 25, 000 (rural agent) or N 100, 000 (urban agent). The deposit belongs to your for your business operations.
- a computer with internet access
- a mobile phone
- to advertise locally using VCASH printed banners and signs.
- cash in hand which you can utilize in paying transactions.


How Much Can I Make as a VCASH Master Agent?

There is no limit to how much profit you can make through transaction commissions, VCASH reload cards sales, hosted training sessions and added related services. Studies prove that the best-run agencies make the most money. The basics are an accessible neighborhood location, reliably open, with the available cash to meet customers cash-out demands. Also note, VCASH master agents will receive best practices coaching and follow up from Virtual Terminal Network.


How Much Commission is Charged on each transactions and how much will I make?

VCASH master agents are generously rewarded with 55% of the commission charged on the reload cards and 40% of the commission charged for cash-in and cash-out services. VCASH master agents also make money on training others. The physical onsite training includes a train-the-trainer exercise which empowers you to begin to train others for a fee.

How Do I Start Making Lasting Income from VCASH as a Master Agent?

To start, you will need to get trained so as to equip you with the required knowledge, capacity, leverage and support VCASH master agents get. This is where it all starts from. Take this first step, follow through and you will be generating lasting income as a VCASH Master agent.

To get trained as soon as possible, please use the contact form below to send in your full names, mail address, phone number(s), occupation, location (area, city and state), VCASH Master agent and when you plan to undergo the training. You will get a response from us with further details as soon as you show your interest by sending in the required details to us using the contact form below. This would help you to start making money from VCASH mobile money payment solution.


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