How to Get a Verified PayPal Account in Nigeria

I wouldn’t bother myself writing about this and letting you how to get a verified PayPal account in Nigeria. The reason is that, so many people have a not too good experience with opening PayPal accounts and not being able to verify it or get limited. Also, PayPal Nigeria is not on the list of country on PayPal when you want to open an account. However, I know of way you can open a verified PayPal account in Nigeria without going through the whole lots of stress.

I had written about how I buy things online with or without PayPal which makes it convenient for you use a somewhat “pay for me service” BUT if you want to have your own PayPal account that you can easily manage yourself, please pay attention to the next things you will be reading through before.

The first thing is, why do you want to own a PayPal account. The answer to this is very obvious. You need a PayPal account to pay for services online and/or to buy products online. This is because PayPal seems to be the widely accepted means of online payment after Credit cards. If these are your reasons, then why is that you don’t have a PayPal account yet as a Nigerian?

This leads to the second thing I need to know. You don’t have a verified PayPal account yet probably because you don’t know how to get one or because you are scared of opening one or because you believe it’s a waste of resources.

To help you out, I’m going to show you the quickest and safest way to own a verified PayPal account in Nigeria and you won’t need to worry about your account been limited. To get yours today, please go to Richie Bankz to know how to get started. OR you can call 0813 593 0960 to know how you can get your own verified PayPal account in Nigeria. You can also send a mail to admin[at]


  • Olayinka Oladele

    Yes! Richard is trusted. I forwarded a friend of mine to him for a verified paypal account and the deal went smooth.

    • Adesoji

      True Yinka, Thanks for testifying to Richard’s PayPal services.