Why Lots of Nigerians visit Make Money Online Nigeria Daily

Who doesn’t want to make more money? No one! Lots of Nigerians wants to make more money online, build successful online business and also create wealth. Make Money Online Nigeria provides the best ways to achieve these legitimately. The truth is, there are lots of other blogs started for the same purpose as this blog but this blog provides a better help than others. I don’t really care about the competition as long as I keep providing what Nigerians want to know more about in a unique way.

What you just read is part of the interview I granted Business Success Guide about this blog – Make Money Online Nigeria. You should read the interview and get to know more things that you may not know already.

In the interview, I also answered questions like;

- How long have you been blogging?
- What has contributed to your success rate online?
- At what stage in life do you think is best to start a blog? Why do you think so?
- Why did Adesoji Adegbulu become a blogger in the first place?
- Is it easy to make money from a blog as a Nigerian? Would you wish you had been an American blogger or Indian blogger?
- What do you think is limiting a lot of Nigerian bloggers from making considerable progress in the blogosphere?
- How well are you able to convince Nigerians vis-à-vis other countries’ nationals to buy from your blog?
- Is Adesoji Adegbulu making real cash from his blog?
- What kind of traffic is working best for your blog, organic, social or referral?
- What do you think is the way forward for blogging in Nigeria?

You should go to my interview on Business Success Guide and read more. The answers I provide to the questions will be of benefit to you.