VTN Mobile Payment Agent Training and Certification

Once every while or so in developed countries, a new breakthrough in technology like mobile payment services comes along that reshapes daily lives and business. Only a tiny fraction of entrepreneurs who understand it from the onset makes lots money. The era of mobile payment is growing in Nigeria and you would get the most out of this if you position yourself as an agent for mobile payment systems.

If you live in Nigeria, we are fortunate to be living in one of these times. Telecommunications and the GSM revolution, along with broadband access to the internet, have arrived and gained widespread acceptance and these have laid the foundation on which other businesses can be built.

We stand on the verge of a dramatic new societal shift, the mobile payments solutions revolution, with the promise for real change and wealth building for ordinary citizens. Successful implementation is complex as it touches on 3 key industries: banking, telecommunications and technology. You don’t need specific expertise, rather it will be those who understand the business aspects who will benefit the most financially. Those who learn from the pioneers will lead.

You can learn how it works, so you can be at the forefront of this life-changing phenomenon. You can also do it for yourself, for your business and your family. You need to take your place now in the upcoming mobile phone payment systems revolution.


Frequently Asked Questions about VTN Mobile Payment Agent Training and Certification

Q1: After becoming an agent what am I supposed do and how do I make money?

A1: Once you are accepted to be an agent of VTN, you will be provided with set-up guidelines which require you to have a mobile phone and a computer with internet connection.

Q2: Ok that is easy, what else?
A2: The next step is to launch your service and VTN will drive customers to you.

Q3: How will you drive customers to me?
A3: On a regular basis VTN will notify all their customers within a 50 mile radius of your shop that you are open for business. VTN will provide them your shop address, phone and the services you provide. VTN already has over 400,000 customers throughout Nigeria and will launch a nationwide awareness campaign via advertisement and events to create awareness of our new mobile capability, and further add to our customer base..

For more answers to your questions and also to get started and set yourself up for a large part in the upcoming mobile payment revolution in Nigeria, simply go now and create an account with Virtual Terminal Network (VTN). Fill in your details and properly register. After you do, you would be getting updates about the upcoming VTN agent nationwide. When you get an update about the one close to you, make sure you attend the training.