You Really Do Need Your Own Web Site for Affiliate Marketing

There is a lot of debate about whether or not you should have your own web site. I am not going to tell you that getting your own web site is absolutely mandatory or that you cannot succeed without one. But if you want to set yourself apart from your competition, dominate the search engines, take control over your marketing, build your credibility, and really create a successful online business, then yes … you need to get your own web site.

You Really Do Need Your Own Web Site for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate-MarketingIf you are trying to make money in Affiliate Marketing and you are using nothing more than company provided Affiliate sites, you are simply being lost in the shuffle of replicated Affiliate sites that all look the same. Search engines hate them. People are numb to seeing them. You need to stand out from your competition.

To make yourself stand out, you really need to get your own web site for affiliate marketing. That is where you should focus much of their marketing energy and resources. If you own your own business and your business doesn’t have a web site, I can guarantee you that you are missing out on potential customers and sales. People search online for products, services, and opportunities every single day. If you are not there when they are searching, you are not even going to be considered by that prospect.

Having your own web site allows you to create your own content, promote your own identity, and separate yourself from the competition.

Your first step is to get a web hosting account.

A web hosting account is simply an account that you set up with a web hosting company that agrees to store your web site files and make them available to the public via the Internet. When someone types your web site address (your URL) in to their web browser, your web hosting account displays your web site.

Once you have your web hosting account, the next step is to get your web site set up. There are a number of options available ranging from using pre-formatted templates, to building it yourself with any popular web site building program, or hiring a designer to put a site together for you.

The option that works best for you will depend on your needs, your comfort level with web design, and your budget. At a bare minimum, your web site should include basic information about what you are offering, information on how to contact you for details, and a capture form for getting subscribers in to your AutoResponder.

Your advertising and promotion efforts should then be directed toward getting visitors to your own web site. This can include putting your web site address on business cards, in your email signature, in discussion forums, in your classified ads, etc…

If you’re already building a list, you can broadcast a message out to your current subscribers to let them know about your new web site.


Originally posted 2011-06-04 16:00:43.