Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development (including WordPress Blog Setup, Blogger Blog Setup etc).

When it comes to building the actual website/blog for your business, there are several things to consider. You’ll want a professional business look, text that is optimized to sell your product and services, and the whole website/blog should be optimized for search engines. The main objective of a website/blog is to look professional and also loads faster.

A business site/blog should NOT contain;

- Clustered structure

- Too much music (slows down pages, considered amateurish)

- Guestbooks (Strictly for amateurs/personal sites.)

- Inappropriate color use (Text too close to the background color so that it’s hard to read, colors that don’t go well together)

- Under construction signs.

- Misspellings

- Poor grammar and improper punctuation

- Sentences with all capital letters for emphasis (Considered rude, shouting at your audience, and is harder to read)

- All centered text (Amateurish; justify or left justify text.)

- Broken links

- Broken images

- Outdated content

- Lack of customer focus

- Missing contact information (People may want to ask questions before buying, or know that they can contact someone if something goes wrong.

- Unclear/hard to find ordering instructions

- Animated gifs (Distracts from the sales pitch, slow to download, visual clutter that detracts from your purpose.)

- Profanity

- Rambling, unfocused sale presentation

Building a web site is easy but building a web site that is an effective sales tool takes planning and is considerably more work.

A business blog should contain;

- Complementary colours

- Clear focus on the customer

- Benefit oriented sales presentation

- Easy navigation

- Quality graphics, but not too many!

- Fast loading pages

- Clean look (sufficient white space to have an uncluttered appearance)

- Your picture (people will tend to trust you sooner)

The purpose of a site is completely different from others. Before building any page of your website, identify your customers. Who are they? What are their interests? How old are they? Picture what kind of people they are, how they might dress, and how they wear their hair. Write this information down and keep it in mind as you build your site/blog. You are building a site/blog for them, not for you per say. If your website/blog is about alsatian dogs, you will want to use pictures, design logos, feel texts and background that depicts that your site is about alsatian dogs. No one will tell visitors, your site should be able to do that.

Most business sites use a white background color, and you shouldn’t stray from this unless you know what you’re doing. A white background color is a known and trusted commodity. It implies trust, honesty, and clean business. Black text on a white background color also offers the most contrast, making it the easiest to read color combination going. Stray from the tried and true at your own risk. If you want to have more color, try a slim left border background that has a white background color for the main content area.

Now that you know your site’s intended audience, you can plan the various sections (pages and posts) you will need. A site/blog with a purpose of selling one product doesn’t need a lot, and you don’t want a lot or your potential customers may get lost in it or tire of the presentation. Your index (home) page is your main sales page. Here you will present your company logo or product name and your main sales presentation. The sales presentation should lead them into the product, and more specifically, the benefits of owning the product, then transition them step-by-step into a call to action (the decision to buy).

One thing you should always have on your site is your contact information. This should be on a separate page. People also want to know there is someone at the other end that will be responsible for the product/services you sell if there are problems.

If you can’t design a professional looking site/blog yourself, you should hire us to help you do it. Get in touch with us through our contact page and we will get back to you in order to fulfill your website design and development project. Professionalism is vital and we got the skill.


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