How to Make your Website, Products and Services Remain visible

Making your website, your products and your services to remain visible to web users is of great essence. In the first part of Internet Business Basics, I made it obvious why it is good to make your stuffs to remain visible. If you don’t do this, be rest assured that other people in the stiff internet business will get all the clients why you will always complain that internet business is not working.

So how do you go about this? Simple, you need to optimize your website, your products and/or your services for search engines. Taking Make Money Online Nigeria for example, our major visitors and clients comes from search engines, where Google plays the major role.

seo tipsSearch Engine Optimization or SEO is a method of improving the rank or visibility of a website in search engines. Web administrators employ SEO because of the theory that the more frequent that a site appears on the first page of a search engine (whenever a user searches), the more probable that it will be visited and read by a user. With this, your products and services will be within view of prospective customers.

Optimizing a website to improve its web presence involves a number of options:

1. Editing its content and HTML as well as associated coding to increase its relevancy to specific keywords.

2. Remove the barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. When your website is indexed, it basically means that your website is part of the search results and you can begin to use your SEO strategies.

3. Promotion of the website to increase its number of backlinks. (Backlinks are incoming links to a website)


White Hat Techniques

White hat techniques are widely acceptable techniques in by search engines. There are services offered by search engines that make sure that a website gets indexed by the leading search engines. Google and Yahoo! use web crawlers to look for pages for their search results. Some search engines, especially Yahoo!, guarantees web crawling for a fee or Cost Per Click account, although, this assures inclusion in the database but not specific ranking within the search results. Other services of Google include the Google Webmaster Tools, which ensures that all pages are found using an XML sitemap feed.

There are other methods used for SEO such as cross linking, keyword stuffing and backlinking. There are also better ones like website authority, writing unique and helpful contents, commenting on blog posts and guest posting for bigger blogs amongst other numerous with hat techniques.


Gray Hat Techniques

Gray hat techniques are neither white nor black. These techniques are so-called gray because there are risks that go along with them. An example is purchasing links. Google is against the sale or purchase of a backlink but there are many online pages, magazines and other resources that offer backlinks for a fee. Basically, the price of a text link depends on the authority of the linking page. An example of an unofficial benchmark of the average price for a text link is Google’s


Black Hat Techniques

If you intend to engage in SEO, you must be aware of spamdexing. This is an SEO black hat technique that affects the user-experience of search engines and affects the relevancy of the search. Most search engine check for spamdexing and remove suspicious pages. User complaints have also resulted to SEO people blocking results-listing from suspected websites. There are many forms of spamdexing but it can be classified into two classes; content spam and link spam.

Content Spam – Changing the logical view of a website’s contents does content spam. This can be over-stuffing the web content with specific keywords that attracts a particular search and influencing how the page will be indexed. Most modern search engines are now able to analyze a page to detect keyword stuffing and to know if its frequency is consistent. It can also come in the form of including unrelated text in the content but hiding it from view by changing text color to be the same as the background. There are other ways to hide texts such as changing the font to a very tiny size, hiding them within the HTML code and others. It can also be article spinning which involves rewriting existing articles. Usually, hired writers or automated programs using a thesaurus database can do the job.

Link Spam – Link spamming is a way of increase the number of backlinks pointing to a website. It takes advantage of link-based ranking algorithms and gives websites higher rankings as more and more highly-ranked websites are linked to it. Link spamming is usually done by using link-building software and automating the SEO process. Also by using link farms, which are tightly-knit communities of pages that reference with each other. Also, spam blogs can also be used to create fake blogs for spamming. These look like legitimate newsworthy sites but are really just fake sites to manipulate customers in buying an affiliated service or product.

In conclusion, I need to let you know that there is a problem associated with you putting all your efforts only is search engine optimization. In simple terms, the problem with this is that search engines periodically change their algorithms. There is also no guarantee that referrals from search will continue. So in essence, you must be on top of the news about search engine optimization so that you can make changes when needed.


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