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How Much is Your Website Worth on Flippa?

Are you considering selling your website? Flippa is a marketplace where you could sell your website online. But really, how much is your website worth on Flippa? Thi is an important question. Now you can find out what your website worths before considering selling it off

flippaFlippa is pleased to unveil our valuation tool. They have used their wealth of data, information and third-party metrics to build a feature that gives you an idea on what your website might be worth.

As the world’s largest website marketplace, they also have the largest pool of website transaction data. They’ve jumped on the Big Data bandwagon and sent our army of propellerheads to run models across their 20 gigabytes of data from over 70,000 website sales that have happened on Flippa.

They then did a pile of number crunching that resulted in a powerful algorithm for providing valuation ranges for any given website. This takes into account both third-party metrics – such as PageRank, Copyscape, Google backlinks and Alexa – as well as owner-provided website fundamentals such as traffic and revenue.

I checked for some of my websites and got these results (10th August, 2012)

Basic Valuation for
Flippa Rank = 3.
Valuation Range = $250 – $405, 000

Basic Valuation for
Flippa Rank = 1
Valuation Range = $1 – $405, 000

It’s only in beta form at this stage but you can try it out and instantly get a free valuation for your website.

Go ahead and value your internet real estate property. It will help you know the range of your website’s cost in case you want to sell it on Flippa or anywhere on the internet.

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You can come and share your results as comments here.


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