WordPress Plugins You Can use to Optimize Your AdSense Earnings

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Plugins are tools employed to extend the functionality of WordPress. Plugins can extend WordPress to perform a wide variety of functions. Numerous WordPress Plugins can be employed for the insertion and effective management of Google AdSense, enabling the user to maximize their AdSense profit. Brief descriptions of some of the WordPress Plugins that can be used to optimize your AdSense profit are given below.


AdSense deluxe is a WordPress Plugin that can be used to implant AdSense in your posts while blogging. It is also used to carry out all-out changes in order to add styles from the dashboard. AdSense deluxe also contains AdSense preview tool which enables you to find out which ads would be displayed on a page.


Adrotate is yet another WordPress Plugin which you can use to optimize your AdSense revenue. Adrotate facilitates you to create and manage your banners conveniently. Complete Summary WordPress Dashboard Widget is an important feature of Adrotate. Other features of Adrotate plugin are collective banner management, banner campaign expiry date and tracks per click.


WhyDoWork AdSense is yet another WordPress Plugin which enables you to insert the AdSense code to your website or blog without having to affect the template file. One of the most outstanding features of the WhyDoWork AdSense Plugin is that it can define as many as 10 AdSense code sets. Moreover, it permits basic vertical arrangement for ads. Also, the WhyDoWork AdSense Plugin does not allow ads at single post page.


Yet another WordPress Plugin you can employ to optimize your AdSense profit is the Advertising Manager. This WordPress Plugin greatly extends the WordPress blog by rotating Google AdSense and other Ad Units effectively. Advertising Manger detects ad network automatically. Advertising Manager allows ad management for author, category and tag pages.


Advertisement Management Plugin is another Plugin used for the same purpose. The main feature of this Plugin is that enables you to add advertisements to your blog straight from the backend.


One of the best Plugins employed to manage AdSense ads on your blog is the AdSense Manager.  The latest version of AdSense Manager supports multiple ad networks like WidgetBucks and YPN. AdSense Manager is sidebar widget compatible. Following the policies of various ad networks, this WordPress Plugin automatically limits ads. For this reason, AdSense proves to be extremely useful in optimizing your AdSense profit.


AdSense Sharing Revenue is yet another WordPress Plugin that enables the users to maximize their AdSense profit. By means of this Plugin, your AdSense impressions and syndicate earnings can be shared with your co-authors. This WordPress Plugin provides a full system which can track earnings and share impressions. As soon as you activate this Plugin, you can offer revenue to your authors.


Google AdSense Dashboard is yet another WordPress Plugin designed to serve multiple purposes, and successfully used to optimize your AdSense profit. This Plugin displays today’s earnings for you. It also displays past earnings form selected range in DashBoard or in the Options page.


In addition to the above mentioned Plugins, there are numerous other WordPress Plugins that can be successfully employed to optimize your AdSense profits. You can take a look at others on https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ and search for some you might want to use for your WordPress blog. Please note: Use few plugins on your blog if you want your blog to load faster.


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    thanx for the WordPress Plugins for adsense revenue but i am not be able to embed these plugins into my blog technophobes.wordpress.com help me …

    • maven

      @Monu… you can’t use the plugins on a free wordpress blog

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    How do i open wordpress blog? the one i open is not looking good. Can you help me with it?

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      I can help you open one. If you want a good looking wordpress blog, you will have to get a registered domain name and webhosting from Web4Africa. If you want a free blog, then you have to do it yourself…