WordPress Post & Page Editor Tips

If you manage a blog or write content on WordPress, you’ve probably used the WordPress editor a fair amount. But many people haven’t realized its full potential. Try out the WordPress post & page editor tips below to speed up your workflow.


Spellcheck in the WordPress Editor

This is a simple step that many people miss. If you want to spellcheck your content while you work or just before publishing, click the button that has a checkmark with the letters “ABC” at the top. You will see it if you use the Visual part of the editor.

Remove Formatting from Copied Text

Sometimes you copy text from Microsoft Word and even though you’re using the “Paste from Word” button (a clipboard with a “W” on it), the text still doesn’t look quite right. It might be the wrong color or size. In any case, a button exists specifically for removing formatting from outside sources. To use it, follow these steps:

1. The “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink” button pictures boxes with different-colored squares and rectangles. Click it to show a second row of buttons.

2. Highlight the incorrectly formatted text.

3. Click the “Remove Formatting” button. This button features a white eraser that turns pink when you hover over it. That should do the trick.

Shift + Return Creates a Line Break

Sometimes when you’re working in the WordPress editor, you want to create a single line break — not a paragraph break with a gap between the two lines, but a single line break in which the lines are closer together. To do that, just hold the Shift key and hit Return. That’s it. Adding your organization’s address to your contact page just got a lot easier. Read more on How to Create and Format a New Post in WordPress

Use WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

I’m sure you use Control + C and Control + V to copy and paste all the time. But most people don’t know the WordPress editor also has shortcut keys, and if you’re working in the editor a fair amount, they can save you a lot of time. Here are some of the best shortcuts to try out. (Mac users: Use the Command key instead of the Control key.)

Bold: Control + B
Underline: Control + U
Italic: Control + I
Heading 1: Control + 1
Heading 2: Control + 2
Heading 3: Control + 3
Heading 4: Control + 4

For a full list of WordPress “Hotkeys,” click the “Help” button with the question mark on the WordPress editor, then click the “Hotkeys” tab or read A List of WordPress Shortcuts you should know

Please note, the above tips applies when you use the visual part of the WordPress editor. This is shown in the image above. You will need to click on the VISUAL to use it, that is if you are already using the HTML part of the editor.

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